JYP played their first match on Friday after the club had laid off its head coach Pekka Tirkkonen and his assistant coach Ari Santasen until the end of the year.

For the first time, they were responsible for coaching JYP against Vaasa Sport Jukka Varmanen and jumped after the layoffs, according to the representative team Jussi Tupamäki, for whom the last few days have been busy.

– It was an honor to be asked about this task. That’s when the run with new things started right away, Tupamäki repeated the events after Wednesday’s news.

The temporary departure of the experienced Tirkkonen and Santanen was not an easy piece for Tupamäki to bite either.

– Tirkkonen and Santanen are good friends and have strong emotional ties. In that sense, it has not been an easy place for myself.

Two head coaches

Tupamäki said that the team does not have an actual head coach at the moment. The responsibility for traction is evenly distributed between the two assistant coaches, which was well reflected in the coaches’ performance on the bench.

– Jukka is responsible for defense and underpower, superiority and offensive play is then my own responsibility. We do this thing together as a coaching team – it’s our thing and we stick to it, Tupamäki said.

JYP’s 4-0 victory was an excellent start to renewed coaching and relief was felt after the match.

– Whenever something happens, energy is released. After the game it was quite a happy guy and the team played well for each other today, Tupamäki praised.