The delirium of a Copa Libertadores that disrespects football

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The five Argentine teams will restart the tournament without prior formal friendlies and with a handful of choppy training sessions. Everything absolutely uneven.

Specialists say that in Argentina we are hovering around the peak of the pandemic. And that Latin America is at this moment is the main source of contagions. Football is no exception, of course. And the case of Boca, with the number of infected, is the complete proof. The positive of Milton Casco, in River, was the novelty of the weekend. The last one is Matías Zaracho, from Racing. And there are plenty of examples everywhere.

However, against all odds, Conmebol kicks off the Copa Libertadores. He had set a limit of 40 players per roster to nominate. Now “just in case” extended it to ¡50! the issue is that they form any team (if the infections advance) But let them play. Why they distributed silver before, it is assumed.

It was said that after five months of inactivity the teams would need between 45 and 60 days of training (with some friendlies included) to reach the optimal fitness for the competition. Not only did that not happen, but the five Argentine teams are going to restart the Cup no previous formal friendlies and a handful of choppy workouts for the appearances of some positives. No formal practice with full teams.

In Brazil, second or third in the world with a number of cases and deaths, they have been playing for a long time. A recklessness that cannot be imitated. In Paraguay – with a better epidemic situation – they also started for a long time. On Thursday, River will have to visit San Pablo and Boca, Libertad de Paraguay. There, Tigre will also compete with Guaraní. Racing will receive Nacional de Montevideo, already with filming and Defense, Delfín from Ecuador. Everything absolutely uneven.

To justify this nonsense of haste, it is said that the Champions League has just been played in Europe and that tournaments have already begun in the different countries. The only one DIFFERENCE is that the Champions Cup ended in a different format, all in Lisbon, with unique matches. And long after the peaks of the pandemic.

It’s coming an abnormal cup, so. In the worst circumstances. With risks of injury after long inactivity and few preparations. Total, there will be 50 to choose from on each team. An exact way to disrespect football and the history of the institutions. “The important thing is to compete,” said Baron Pierre de Coubertin, French, founder of the modern Olympic Games. But he never imagined that in these conditions, surely.



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