The decline of Rudy Giuliani, in three acts

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The United States has long witnessed a plummet in the reputation of Rudy Giuliani (New York, 1944). He was the scourge of organized crime from the New York Prosecutor’s Office, and city councilor during the terrorist attacks of September 11. His firmness and empathy then earned him the nickname “Mayor of America.” Later, he enriched himself by consulting security for companies and countries, and embarked on a catastrophic presidential race in 2008. When Donald Trump started his, Giuliani supported him and became his personal lawyer. Since then, as a Brooklyn Italian-American version of Attila’s horse, where Giuliani has stepped, nothing but trouble has grown. From the ukrainian plot that ended with the impeachment of the president, to the current offensive to delegitimize the result of the presidential elections, a story that, in the last month, has acquired the tinge of a tragicomedy divided into three spectacular acts:

1. “Relax, you’re going to do great.” The scourge of the press, which does not miss an opportunity to denounce the bias of the mainstream media, does not seem to have any problem when the alleged journalist, indiscriminately biased towards her person, begins the interview by telling her that she is one of her “great heroes”. “I feel like I’m living a fairy tale,” actress Maria Bakalova tells him, in an orchestrated confinement in a hotel suite living room, for the new Sacha Baron Cohen film. “Relax, you’re going to do great,” Giuliani encourages her, grabbing her hands. What follows is a run-down interview in which the lawyer, amid a toast of scotch whiskey, exposes his usual artillery to an enthralled young woman: no one eating bats. Have you ever eaten a bat? ” Etc. Suddenly Cohen interrupts the interview, disguised as a sound technician hippy, claiming a technical problem. The young woman gets rid of him and invites Giuliani to have a drink in the bedroom. Sitting on the bed, Giuliani asks for her phone number and address, and then pats her on the small of the back. She touches his shirt as if to remove the microphone and he lies on his back on the bed and, lying there, puts his hand inside his pants, apparently touching his genitals. Then Cohen bursts into the room, dressed in feminine underwear, and asks him to leave the girl because he is only 15 years old. “It is too old for you,” he says. “She is my daughter, take me in her place, please.”

2. The campaign goes into a garden. “Lawyers Press Conference at the Four Seasons, Philadelphia, 11:00 am”. President Trump’s tweet, on the Saturday after the elections (November 7), had the solemn and terse tone of great occasions. Shortly after he had to clarify that it was not the luxurious hotel in the city center, belonging to the famous Four Seasons chain, but a humble gardening establishment of the same name, in a suburb of the city, located between a crematorium and a sex shop. There, before a shutter drawn down from the one-story building, adorned with posters for the re-election of the president of the United States, surrounded by campaign employees acting as if everything were normal, Rudy Giuliani officially began the offensive, until today unsuccessful, to try to reverse the defeat of your boss in court. But the event, which sparked a barrage of mockery on social media, will go down in history as a peak of nonsense in political communication. And as a milestone in horticulture industry marketing, celebrated on the commemorative t-shirts it didn’t take long to commercialize the small landscaping business.

3. Sweat, communist conspiracies and hair dye. China is on the garlic. And Cuba. And two presidents of Venezuela, one alive and one dead. Also Antifa and, of course, George Soros. Dead who vote. Mickey Mouse. Giuliani imitating Joe Pesci in the film My cousin Vinny. A lawyer on the verge of tears talking about communist conspiracies. The script was insane. The staging, decadent. Before the announcement of a press conference to reveal “the multiple paths to victory” of Trump in an election that he has lost by about six million votes, a hundred journalists attended Giuliani’s call in a National Committee room Republican in Washington, crowded, without ventilation, with the speakers in the open, a perfect breeding ground for the coronavirus to ruin the Thanksgiving holiday for attendees. What they found there was very different from what was promised. It will go down in history, yes. But not as the day that turned around a stolen election, but rather as the most embarrassing press conference held on behalf of a president in modern American history. An hour and a half of nonsense that not even Donald Trump himself, whom Giuliani asked for a fee of $ 20,000 a day to lead his judicial offensive against the legitimacy of the elections, was able to chant from his Twitter account. And that the activity of the commander-in-chief these days is limited (in addition to dismissing senior officials that he considers unfair) to spreading any conspiratorial hoax that circulates on the network. “That press conference was the most dangerous hour and 45 minutes of television in the history of the United States. And possibly the craziest, ”tweeted former cybersecurity director Chris Krebs, recently fired by Trump. Giuliani had another opinion. With his face beaming with sweat, streaked by streams of a black substance, probably hair dye, that flowed from his sideburns, in a sad image that went around the world, the former mayor of New York said: “We are saving our democracy.”

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