The European Public Prosecutor’s Office is expected to start work in November. According to a recent decision taken by a large majority, the 22 European prosecutors and their chief, the Romanian Laura Codruta Kövesi, they will only speak English during the meetings.

It is a surprising decision for the first community institution created after Brexit and which has no English-speaking country, comments Jean Quatremer, the correspondent of the French daily “Liberation” in Brussels.

Ireland, the only country for which the use of English could have been justified, is not among the 22 participants in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office. The other EU member states that do not have representatives in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office are Denmark, Poland, Sweden and Hungary.

According to a French diplomat, this is a “hard blow”. “It is a real blow, especially since the European prosecutor, the former general prosecutor of Romania Laura Codruta Kövesi, was appointed in October 2019 with the support of France,” he commented for “Liberation”.

“There is no way to challenge this decision in the Court of Justice,” the French diplomat said.