Ion Aliman was elected by a huge majority as mayor of the southern Roman city of Deveselu for a third term.

This despite the fact that the mayor had already died before the election.

– He did a good job as mayor and deserved to be elected, even after his death, one of the residents of the city of Deveselu told news agencies.

– He was always on the side of the villagers and respected all the laws. I don’t think we’ll see a mayor like him anymore, says another resident.

New elections coming

Aliman was a former naval officer who would have turned 57 on Monday. He died of coronary heart disease on September 17 in the capital, Bucharest.

However, it was decided to hold the elections on the already announced list of candidates. Aliman, representing the Social Democrats, received 64% of the votes cast.

– He deserved his victory, he would be proud of us, one Deveselu resident told AFP.

The popular mayor will naturally not be able to take office, so a re-election will be held in Deveselu soon.