The day Trump hired a double for Barack Obama so he could fire him and other gems

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A new book on the president, written by his former attorney Michael Cohen, reveals more infidences. He calls him a “racist mobster.”

Donald Trump’s obsession with Barack Obama is well known.

Some analysts actually place the 2011 White House correspondents’ dinner (when Obama, in a self-parodic speech, mocked the real estate mogul’s style and the lies he spread about his nationality) the moment when Trump decided that a day he would dispute the position of president of the United States, with which he carried years fantasizing aloud.

Contrary to what some Republicans expected, he did not take the step in 2012. But at that time Trump the pleasure of firing Obama. A double of the president, actually, a black actor with a certain resemblance to the Democrat whom, as if a contestant on The newbie In any case, after reading his file, he released his famous “You are fired!”.

In the words of Michael Cohen, his then personal attorney: Trump wanted “denigrate ceremoniously to the first black president and then fire him. “This is what he affirms in his new memoir, in which he insists on his previous accusations that throughout his life the New York tycoon has deeply despised African Americans.

In fact, in the book he describes it as a “racist mafia”.

Donald Trump behaves like a mobster and has “a low opinion of all black people,” writes Cohen.

“As a general rule, Trump expressed bad opinions about all blacks, from music to culture to politics,” he writes.

He claimed that Donald Trump said the late South African president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela “He was not a leader.”

“Tell me a country run by a black person who is not shit. They are all odorless,” Trump once said, according to Cohen.

The words echo similar accusations, from 2018, that Trump referred to African countries as “shitty” nations.

Cohen, who went from being Trump’s henchman to a proud traitor, now publishes a pearl list on Disloyal: A Memoir. The lawyer is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for various crimes of fraud and perjury, provides as proof of Obama’s alleged dismissal a photograph in which the then businessman is seen in his New York office sitting in front of a black man with a pin with the US flag on his lapel.

Microphones are visible at the top of the image, indicating that the scene was filmed.

Actually, Cohen didn’t have to post the photo to be believed – at least at this point -: the parody video it is in Youtube since July 2013, although then there was little heed of Trump’s political tirades and had been forgotten until now.

The recording was published by Breitbart News, the news portal from which Trump’s future political strategist Steve Bannon (now in prison) came out, who confirmed that it had been filmed for the Republican Party’s national convention in August 2012.

The video, which cost about $ 100,000 produce, was never issued. The official explanation was that it was part of the program for the first day of the Convention, which was canceled due to a hurricane.

But, according to Trump himself then told Breitbart News, the video was not aired because Mitt Romney’s team, who was proclaimed a Republican presidential candidate that year, found it inappropriate.


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