The day that Gustavo Cerati took Benito to see the Bandanas

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A nice photo that the musician’s son uploaded to social networks and a fanaticism that was immortalized. Lisa Cerati also shared a memory six years after the singer’s death.

Benito and Lisa Cerati, Gustavo’s children, used their social networks to share memories that moved the musician’s fans. Six years after the death of the former Soda Stereo, a nice photo and a tender video received thousands of “likes” and messages of encouragement.

“When dad took me to see the Bandanas“Benito wrote on social networks. In the image Gustavo is seen hugging Ivone, Lissa, Lourdes and Valeria, while a surprised Benito, who barely passes a meter in height, accompanies.

“He also took me to see Lily Allen, Madonna (2 times) and Joss Stone,” added Benito. Of course, there was no shortage of those who commented from prejudice and asked: “Never a visit to a heavy metal band, right?” And the followers of the leader of Zero Kill highlighted the level of aggression and machismo of those who judge from the paradigm of what “music for men” or “music socially accepted as prestigious” should be.

Lisa also opened the trunk of memories and gave a video that records the seconds after her birth, with Gustavo receiving his little daughter. “For now her name is Lisa, let’s see”, He says in that incredible archive material that has more than 44 thousand “likes” and almost 110 thousand reproductions. “It depended on the face, we have to agree with Ceci,” Gustavo adds to a nurse in relation to the chosen name (Ceci is Cecilia Amenábar, Benito and Luisa’s mother).

“In a year where we are forced to be with ourselves more than ever, every sensation or review of the past is felt more than ever. And in my case, today, it brings a lot of melancholy,” wrote Lisa.

I have a very complicated love / hate relationship with social networks, but I always rescue the beautiful, and for that I want to thank you for your messages of affection. They really mean a lot to me today. My father was a great godfather, with Beni and me. We had a short but very intense land connection. And today I know that he continues to listen and guide us. Of all human beings, if I think that anyone could cross time and space, it was him. “

“On my 40th birthday I played music”, Benito also wrote and shared an image of that rozagante child trapped by records.

“Give me love that today some fans fenced me off because they say I invent that I wrote lyrics to my old man”, Benito released days ago, in reference to the individual phrases he used to say as a child and Gustavo included in his lyrics. Charly Alberti immediately came out to support him: “Beni, we bank you. You filled our life and your father’s with love. You didn’t write Soda lyrics but you were surely his inspiration. ” To which Benito replied: “Of course not from Soda, you did that and I have always been a fan!”

Gustavo died on September 4, 2014, at 1:48 p.m., at the ALCLA clinic. Were 52 months of hospitalization as a result of the cerebrovascular accident (CVA) that he had suffered on May 15, 2010, at the end of a concert in Venezuela.

Advertising student together with Zeta Bosio, Soda’s bassist, both formed several embryos of bands without much flight until Carlos Alberto Ficicchia Gigliotti (Charly Alberti) joined. That ended up setting up the quintessential trio of national rock. First as The Stereotypes. And then, yes, as Soda Stereo.



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