The death of Maradona continues to bring the tail and reveal all kinds of stories around the star, such as when Eric Clapton wanted to get him off drugs or his numerous relationships with various South American political leaders. The last one that has transcended is nothing more and nothing less than with Isabel Pantoja, the day that Diego requested a vis a vis with her in jail.

After his signing for FC Barcelona, Maradona began to establish a great friendship with the bullfighter and ex-husband of the singer, Paquirri, thus allowing him to discover Pantoja’s iconic voice, which he was passionate about, and with which he also had a friendship relationship.

Such was Pelusa’s predilection for the singer that during her time in prison did everything possible to get a vis a vis, as reported from the program The Morning of 1. However, Spanish justice did not authorize the meeting and Maradona could not approach the Alcalá de Guadaira prison where the tonadillera was being held.

The fans of Diez for the voice of the Andalusian lived its peak in the stage of this in Seville, at the beginning of the 90s, where they coincided on numerous occasions. What’s more, in recent years, Maradona could be seen on his social networks with songs by Isabel Pantoja in the background, with even Kiko Rivera thanking him for the gesture.

Kiko Rivera thanks Maradona
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