The “Dawson’s Creek” star leaves Hollywood

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Hollywood news in GALA ticker: James Van der Beek is leaving Hollywood

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5th October

James Van der Beek: final departure from Hollywood?

James Van Der Beek, 43, wants a fresh start. Together with his wife Kimberly Brook and the children Olivia, ten, Joshua, eight, Emilia, four, Annabel Leah, six, Gwendolyn, two, he says goodbye to Los Angeles and the Hollywood glamor. A few days ago, the “Dawson’s Creek” star published a photo that shows loved ones hugging a tree. Under it he writes: “Sometimes a full life begins with an empty house. We leave Los Angeles incredibly grateful for all the friends and memories we were allowed to make here. To the next great adventure!”While James keeps a big secret about where the family is going, his wife Kimberly reveals their new home. The Van der Beeks apparently want to settle in Texas. A new beginning that will surely do you good.

The past year has dealt two blows of fate to the family that are not easy to cope with. After a miscarriage in November 2019, Kim lost another child just seven months later. Perhaps the Van der Beeks will find the peace and time to come to terms with their grief in a new environment.

Source used:PageSix, Instagram


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