The Dark Thirty CS4 Title Sequence

Looking to purchase The Dark Thirty CS4 Title Sequence for my upcoming project. Need an engaging and captivating title sequence that will set the tone for my video.

The Dark Thirty: A Perfect Title Sequence for Your Horror or Thriller Movie Project!

Are you looking for a title sequence that will set the tone of your horror or thriller movie project right from the start? Look no further than The Dark Thirty! This title sequence is everything you need to create a perfect opener, bumper, or trailer for edgy content.

All-Inclusive Promo Package

If you’re worried about finding all the necessary videos and photos to make your project stand out, don’t be! The promo package includes everything that’s seen in it – every video, image and texture. Plus, with fully editable project files as well as pre-rendered elements and ready-to-go compositions included in this package- creating your own unique masterpiece has never been easier. All it takes is dropping in your text logo and photos into our gritty assets that can even be used elsewhere.

Main Features

  • Title Sequences:You’ll get two different sequences- one lasting 55 seconds (same length as promo) while another lasting up to 1 minute forty-five seconds-
  • Title Compositions:22 customizable compositions are available at hand which can help bring together an array of visuals into one single composite shot making editing much quicker!
  • Photo Placeholders:This feature offers three photo placeholders where users could easily add their personal images within minutes without any complications whatsoever!
  • Videos Transitions :Six seamless transition videos have been included which allow smooth blending between shots giving them continuity so viewers won’t break immersion whilst watching

To Sum Up..

The dark thirty’s best features include its compatibility with Adobe After Effects versions CS4 through CS6 along with providing footage at full HD resolution of 1080 pixels ensuring quality experience throughout viewing time alongside having multiple stock assets provided plus being completely modular allowing easy customization on each individual element.

A Link To Free Font & Audio Jungle Soundtrack Can Be Found Here:

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Vimeo Preview Link For “The Dark Thirty”)

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