Denmark was one of the successes of the corona crisis in the spring. Prime minister Mette Frederiksen shone as a favorite of the international press as the Jews were among the first to move into everyday life after the restrictions.

Coronavirus infection rates remained under control as citizens returned to their workplaces and schoolchildren to their classes.

Even at this stage, it is impossible to say whether Denmark did everything right in the spring or whether it was just good luck. In any case, the second wave that hit in the autumn has ruined Denmark’s good reputation as a coroner success.

On Friday alone, the number of new cases was recorded at 678. That is clearly more than during the worst times of spring, when Denmark closed its borders and imposed comprehensive restrictions on citizens.

At that time, the epidemic was quite well controlled. However, the second wave has surprised the authorities with both its strength and speed.

– The corona situation is now very serious. The epidemic is spreading everywhere in society and throughout Denmark. Today, more than a hundred Danes have been hospitalized. That’s way too much, Prime Minister Frederiksen wrote on his Facebook page.

– We have to pull one rope again. Together we can win this. We need to break the chains of infection.

The current restrictions will remain in place until at least October 18, and the government is currently considering new ones.