The brand Dacia, owned by Renault, already has a new generation of its popular Sandero and Logan models ready, but the details will not be known until the presentation is made at the end of this month.

However, in view of the image that accompanies this text, the aesthetic revolution is important, And it will surely serve as an incentive to purchase any of these excellent value for money models.

Thus the best seller Sandero gains in personality and strength thanks to its new and robust forms, something that is made Extendable to the highest and most “road” variant, called Stepway. For its part, the saloon Logan sees how his forms are stylized and lengthened to add more dynamism and elegance.

Gold major, common game changer to all updated models, it is the “light signature”, that is, the arrangement and shape of the front LED headlights, in this case in the form of a horizontal “Y”. It will be a new identity seal aesthetics of the brand and will make them more recognizable at a glance.