Dacia, the low-cost brand of the Renault Group and one of the great market successes during its 15 years of existence, just put on sale a new version for the Duster.

It is small SUV now opens a renewed LPG variant equipped with a turbocharged three-cylinder engine (from the French manufacturer’s TCe family and provided with a kit assembled on the assembly line) Y 100 CV, characteristic for power use gasoline and liquefied petroleum gas interchangeably to obtain frankly surprising consumptions in practice.

According to the WLTP homologation cycle, the autonomy of the LPG Duster is close to 1,200 kilometers, 770 of which are achieved using gasoline and 420 if we do it using the Petroleum liquid gas which, we cannot forget, has a price around 0.70 euros per liter compared to 1.25 euros that usually cost the gasoline. Come on, half the price.

What does all this entail? Well what we can practically use this model always in GLP mode with an economy of use very to take into account, since more than 400 kilometers go a long way.

DGT ECO label

On the other hand, this mixed technology, which has 8 million vehicles in circulation in Europe, is presented as a very ecological solution to emit 68% less nitrogen dioxide NOx and 12% less CO2 if we compare it with a gasoline engine with the same power. Hence, we value another of the virtues of this model. This is none other than being able to wear the ECO label of the General Directorate of Traffic that opens access to the city ​​centers with restrictions and get discounts in SER parking areas.

Regarding their prices, the LPG versions of this model are always 500 euros more expensive than its petrol-powered counterparts. Their prices start from 15.565 euros, with the basic finish Essential, which can be converted into 18,565 euros if we opt for the Prestige termination. In addition, and if we take into account the Scrappage scheme, there are 800 euros discount to which you can add 1,200 euros if we finance it with the brand.

Finally, Dacia has reached a agreement with the oil company Repsol, that has 413 of the 690 “gas stations” in our country, so that at the time of purchase you can obtain a free card of 300 euros of LPG.