Competing at the highest level is not cheap, far from it. Travel, rallies, training, equipment … Many elite athletes need the essential support of sponsors and yet they also require help in the form of public or private scholarships to keep up with their rivals.

For this reason, what the Riojan cyclist has done Sheyla Gutierrez it is totally unexpected news. The runner Movistar Team has rejected a scholarship from 4.090 euros that he had been granted by a public company from the Logroño City Council to help him prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

It was the broker herself who has qualified the explanation given by the municipality of the Riojan capital, which explained that her resignation was due “to not having been able to carry it out as planned as a result of the covid-19.”

Gutiérrez categorically denied that this was the reason and asked directly that this money be used for more useful needs: “Actually the reason is that there are other emergencies right now. I hope it is used by people who need it in these times … “.

“With the health crisis, right now there are other priorities and people who need it more”, explains in ‘El País’ the Movistar cyclist. It is precisely because it is in such a powerful structure that it does not consider it ethical to accept the scholarship in these times. Signed in 2018 for the team, thanks to the salary he receives, he can afford to stay in Tenerife, where he prepares at height in the vicinity of Teide to alleviate his asthma problems.

Gutiérrez is in the preselection of the Spanish women’s team that will go to Tokyo 2020. She, Ane Santesteban Y Mavi Garcia (the latter, a priori, has more possibilities as it is the best classified in the UCI ranking) the two tickets that it will choose will be played Paschal Gem, the selector.

With the entire circuit paralyzed by the pandemic, Gutiérrez has to plan his next season right now, with the goal of going to Tokyo in mind. “I have in mind to be in the Olympics, do a good preparation and earn my place, but right now I think there are more important things than this,” he insists.