One speculation in the F1 driver market has risen above the others. Leading the Formula 2 series Mick Schumacherin ascension to the royal class is already considered a bomb-proof affair.

Schumacher, 21, will reach one important milestone this coming race weekend at the Nürburgring as he jumps under the guidance of Alfa Romeo in Friday’s free practice.

The race driver’s debut is ahead, as the Ferrari-backed driver has shown this season that he is ready for the challenges of the royal class.

Whose helmet?

The F1 series has taken full advantage of Schumacher’s return to the F1 race weekend program. Series shared on their Instagram account an affectionate sample from years behind.

Pictured is Dad Michael sSchumacher sitting in a karting car, a nap-aged Mick boy in his arms. The boy’s happiness cannot be ignored from the picture.

Many F1 fans turned their attention to the helmet threaded on Mick’s head. It’s yellow in color, so it’s not Daddy’s dad. Uncle Ralf Schumacher wore a yellow helmet, but Ferrari logos and sponsors do not fit the pattern.

The explanation comes from outside the family. The helmet belongs to Ferrari’s test driver at the time and a friend of Schumacher’s Luca Badoerille.