The Crown season four tops the week’s recommended

Turkey: life imprisonment for 337 people for attempted coup in 2016

They are officers and pilots of the army and civilians. They were sentenced on Thursday for trying to overthrow Turkish President Recep Tayyip...

Easing in France, Germany expects strict rules until January

France sees the corona numbers going in the right direction and will therefore ease the lockdown in stages from Saturday. Although the French...

Timetable in Buenos Aires, Argentina: what time corresponds to the Spanish?

The legend of football, Diego Armando Maradona, died this Wednesday at the age of 60 due to "acute heart failure" in the house located...

After sending a phone message at a hearing of Republican senators, demanding the reversal of the elections, Donald Trump called them to the White...

Incumbent US President Donald Trump has urged Republican senators in Pennsylvania to "reverse" the outcome of the vote in a state that recently lost...

Covid-19 pandemic. Germany extends restrictions until early January and wants to ask EU to ban skiing until January 10

"We must continue to make efforts (...). The daily number of infections (with the new coronavirus) is still too high ", the...

The series that portrays the life of British royalty with hyper production returns to Netflix next Sunday. Here, the “top five” of must-sees from November 9 to 15.

From Sunday on Netflix.

The series about the British royal family opens its fourth season, with a long-awaited part of the story: the appearance of Lady Di, among other well-known royal characters.

Monday at midnight on HBO. Also available in Flow and Channel 1 HD from Cablevisión.

The world of finance has already been narrated in numerous series. In this case, it is counted under the gaze of a group of twenty-somethings, with a great ambition for money and driven by ego. Stamped with Lena Dunham, creator of “Girls”.

Since Friday on Netflix.

The Spanish series is based on a short story by Jack London, with the story of a billionaire publicist. Created by Mateo Gil.

Friday at 11.30pm, on TNT Series. Also available in Flow and Channel 1 HD from Cablevisión.

In a Scottish town, a respectable doctor and his family die in a tragic accident. Over time, dark aspects of the professional’s life will be discovered. Stars David Tennant.

Monday at 9pm, on Channel 201 and 1201 of DirecTV.

Historical drama of a London high society family. Created by acclaimed writer, director, and novelist Julian Fellowes (“Downton Abbey”).


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