The criticism of Alfredo Cahe, Diego Maradona’s former doctor: ‘It was not logical for him to be discharged, he should have been hospitalized’

The specialist assured that they did not take care of Diego “as appropriate.” Your doubts about the treatment.

Alfredo Cahe, Diego Maradona’s former personal physician, criticized the treatment given to Diez after the operation for a subdural hematoma. “It was not logical for them to discharge him, I should have stayed in the hospital in a place with adequate infrastructure, “said the specialist, after Maradona’s death.

“I feel a deep pain. More than deep, pain is a state of shock for a simple reason: after so many outings we have had with Diego in 33 years and in so many ups and downs, Diego has just passed away in an unusual way “, Cahe began.

Then he deepened: “It didn’t seem logical to me when he was discharged. Diego should have stayed in a boarding school, with a different infrastructure. Like when we took him to Cuba, where everyone protested but things were done very well there. “

Also, Cahe questioned the absence of a doctor in the home at the time of the ex-footballer’s death and sowed doubts about the convenience of the surgical intervention to which Maradona was subjected.

“I would not say a doctor was nearby, but would have to be permanently in his room,” he said in “Telefé Noticias.” And he continued: “In the situation in which he found himself, there were two important aspects: one, that the operation was logical or not logical; second, the cardiovascular check-up was not really done in a complete way. Diego was not cared for properly. “.

“As with no brain surgery and with the clinical check-up that has not yet been carefully analyzed, Diego should not have been there, knowing him …”, added Cahe.

Finally, he revealed details about Maradona’s emotional state.

“He was very sad. His psychologist told me that he was deeply depressed. A woman close to Diego told me that he had told her that he was deeply anguished, depressed, and that he had already done everything in his life. That expression, that he had done everything in his life, I didn’t like it. “



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