The vindictive victory of Pierre Gasly at the Italian GP he broke a spell that had haunted Formula 1 in France for more than two decades. Until this Sunday, you had to go back to the madman 1996 Monaco GP to see a French pilot at the top of the podium, when Olivier Panis he won in that chaotic race in which only the three pilots on the podium finished.

Find an heir to Alain Prost It is costing them more than expected, and it has had to be a pilot ousted by Red Bull, who descended to Toro Rosso (current AlphaTauri) last year who ended such a streak.

It is not strange that in France they celebrated the victory in a big way. The very Emmanuel Macron called Gasly to congratulate him, although he did not take it because at that moment he was not carrying his cell phone. Then they did talk.

As an example of what the victory has meant for France, the best thing is to watch and, above all, listen to the last moments of the last lap at Monza on Canal +.

Julien Febreau , the French ‘Antonio Lobato’, went crazy in a narration that they have even shared from the competition’s social networks. “Accelerate, accelerate! Yes! Yes Yes! Pierre Gasly’s victory! He has done it! Pierre Gasly’s victory! 24 years after Olivier Panis, France wins a Formula 1 Grand Prix again and Pierre Gasly has done it! Exceptional! Historic victory! “Fébreau shouted excitedly.