English football, as the birthplace of football, has a number of unique quirks. Have countless regional divisionss, and many of them are made up of teams from England but also from neighboring British regions, such as Wales or Scotland.

One of those teams that does not compete in their region is the Wrexham AFC, registered in the Conference Premier, the 5th Division with respect to the Premier League. It is a very special club, and not only for playing in the oldest stadium in the world (or so they say), the Racecourse Ground. It is its management that makes it a different team: it has no presidentInstead, it is their fans in the assembly who manage the future of the team.

In recent days they have received a proposal that, when approved, will end this custom since two world-renowned people want to buy the equipment: the actors Ryan Reynolds y Rob McElhenney.

He performer of ‘Deadpool’ and the director and actor of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ are very football fans and they set their sights on this humble team to enter the world of football with a clear goal: take you to the Premier League.

“We are in a position to confirm the two individuals interested in investing in the Wrexham AFC. In due course, Mr. McElhenney and Mr. Reynolds will present their Wrexham AFC project and the proposal that members vote at a second Meeting. Special General “, it reads the team statement, which in a first meeting approved the entry of the actors with 97.5% of the votes in favor.

The club’s purchase price is relatively low, given that it is a semi-professional team and whose cost is affordable for the two Hollywood stars. For about 2.5 million dollars they can be done with the entire equipment.

A dream from long ago

Reynolds had shown his interest in the Wrexham long ago. Specifically, eight years ago, which was when a user assured that the Canadian was going to take over the humble Welsh club.

“Yes, it took me eight years to respond to this tweet,” the actor joked.