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After Ángel fractured Andrés Herrera, a strong division was demarcated that is not limited to the fans but reaches the leaders.

When did it arise? Why did it start? Who installed it? How? Suddenly, San Lorenzo found himself crossed by a unusual crack that surrounded his star players: Ángel and Oscar Romero. There is a marked division in Boedo that is difficult to explain, but that exists and is reflected in the opinions of the fans on social networks, the journalists who cover the day-to-day of the club and is even in the leadership itself.

On one side are those who defend the Paraguayan brothers at all costs and on the other are those who firmly maintain that they should not have preferential treatment, and reproach them that appear in the photos of the last conflicts, beyond his good performances in the field.

The discussion is not new, but it intensified these days due to the serious injury of Andres Herrera, who suffered a left fibula fracture last Friday due to a hard kick that Ángel Romero gave him in a reduced soccer exercise. The tension settled in the Ciudad Deportiva and several teammates reacted against the forward, who apologized publicly through a statement in which he assured that he had no intention of hurting the right back, with whom he has a good relationship.

Anyway, Mariano Soso decided to remove him from the group for a week as a punishment and, in turn, to avoid further friction while waiting for the internal temperature to drop. On Monday afternoon, the Romeros visited the side at his home. Will this gesture be enough to obtain a pardon?

Meanwhile, in the networks they fly sparks. Defenders of Fantastic Cufflinks There are many and they maintain that their arrival re-ignited their illusion, which had faded after several books of passes without glittering surnames and with several sporting disappointments in the cycles of Claudio Biaggio, Jorge Almirón and Juan Antonio Pizzi.

These cross those who accuse them of doing what they want in the club and those who ask that their supposed privileges be cut. And the detractors do the same with those who are located in the opposite sidewalk, who argue that they are different from the team and that there is a campaign to defame them.

Within the Board of Directors, there are also conflicting positions. Some leaders slip in a low voice that they already have their patience full of the attitudes of the Romeros, while others maintain the idea that in football the figures are usually allowed a differential treatment and that there is nothing wrong . Tinelli opted for them and until now gave them his support.

And the players? Most of them have long looked at the Romeros. Is that they think “The privileges they have must be earned on the court”, as one of the most experienced pointed out in February of this year at the meeting that took place after the conflict in Córdoba with Diego Monarriz.

The first rispideces arose from the beginning since, although it is true that the cracks A team is usually allowed certain concessions after having obtained important achievements or having made a name in a certain club, the Romeros received special treatment from the leading small table from the start.

There were some situations that were generating murmurs behind their backs. It is known that since they arrived they have moved everywhere together and with them they take their personal Brazilian physiotherapist, something that at the beginning generated some annoyance by making him access places only reserved for footballers, such as the bus in transfers.

Something similar happened when the father-in-law of one of them settled on the substitute bench during a soccer practice and the coaching staff ordered him to be removed since it was not a place for relatives. The Romeros did good actions, such as offering new machinery for the kinesiology sector or making themselves available to the youth pension for whatever was necessary, but they do not fully integrate to the First group. So far nothing insurmountable.

The issue began to heat up this year. The heated discussion in the visiting Kempes dressing room between Monarriz and Ángel over a DT change at halftime was a break. Tinelli himself had to intercede to try to calm the waters. He made it so far.

The return to practice after the quarantine stop was another sour point. Ángel and Oscar delayed their return from Paraguay for almost a month, where they trained with Eduardo Berizzo’s National Team since they tried to avoid doing preventive isolation for 14 days when entering the country, which they had to comply with – the leadership rented them a country house for it-. That annoyed Mariano Soso, who chatted with them by phone. In addition, they asked to collect the full salary, without the 40 percent reduction for pandemic agreed with the captains.

This continued to generate more unfriendly looks from the rest of the players. Angel’s unnecessary kick against Herrera ended up breaking the relationship between the twins and their teammates. Will there be a return? Will the friendly visit calm things down? Time will tell. Meanwhile, the Barça crack is still open in an absurd way between fans who cheer for the same shield, but who are planted on sidewalks opposite the avenue that has the Romeros in the middle.



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