The couple stand up against violence against women

Rapper Eko Fresh supports the initiative of the same name with his new song “Stronger than violence”. As a victim, his wife Sarah Bora also wants to draw attention to the issue of violence against women. Talk to GALA about your experiences.

“I remember the beatings and the fear for my own life,” said Sarah Bora, the wife of rapper Eko Fresh, 37, in a GALA interview. Sarah, herself a rapper, has been a victim of domestic violence.

On today’s international day against violence against women (November 25th) her husband released the song “Stronger than violence”. Well-known stars like Janin Ullmann, 39, and Carolin Kebekus, 40, are featured in the accompanying video.

Eko Fresh: “Violence against women is often hushed up”

With the song Eko Fresh would like to support the initiative “Stronger than violence”. His goal: The song should “encourage victims of violence to talk to others about their experiences.” He also wants to “point out such important problems” because violence against women is “often hushed up as a taboo topic”.

In the interview, the couple spoke openly about their experiences with violence, what helped Sarah back then and what was important to them in bringing up their little one Son Elijah is.

Sarah Bora on her experience with domestic violence

Have you had any experience of violence in the family, among friends or in the music business?
Eko Fresh: I come from Cologne Kalk – a socially disadvantaged district at the time – and saw a lot very early on. But there was always a consensus that no one should talk into the other. I have rarely seen acts of violence addressed – only in the worst case scenario. That is of course wrong. In retrospect, I know that violence should be stopped as early as possible.

Sarah, you were a victim of violence yourself many years ago. What happened to you
Sarah Bora:

Even after almost ten years, I still remember the beatings and the feeling of powerlessness, helplessness and dependence.

It started with a nudge and ended with a bloody nose, blue eyes and fear for your own life.

What did that do to you?
Sarah Bora:
You know what is wrong with you, but your fear makes you stay and apologize. First once, then twice and over and over until everything becomes normal and determines your life. Domestic violence does not ONLY leave external traces, but deep internal injuries. They’re slowly disappearing, but they’re going.

How did you get out of this situation?
Sarah Bora:

The only thing that ultimately saved me was to finally break my silence!

I realized it wasn’t my fault. Being late or meeting up with girlfriends is no reason for a blow! I am glad that I had the courage to go for a life of self-love and strength.

“Being a father has changed me and my music”

What would you like to give your child? What is important to you in education?
Eko Fresh: That violence is not an option. In the cartoon, for example, when there is shooting, I explain to him that this is not ok and that the police can only do this in an emergency. Being a father changed me and my music. Since the birth of my son at the latest, I have almost exclusively been making music with a good and lasting message, i.e. music that my child can also hear later.

Eko, as a rapper, how do you feel about rap lyrics, which often deal with violence against women and glorify it?
Eko Fresh: I don’t want to put any other rappers down now

Back then, I also rapped texts that I no longer stand behind – for example battle texts with which I wanted to provoke and insult other rappers.

Today I find something like that totally unnecessary.

What music would you forbid your son to play?
Eko Fresh: I would forbid him to play inhumane music. I would explain other difficult texts to him so that he can later differentiate for himself what is good and what is not.

Besides all the difficult topics: What was the best moment with your son so far?
Eko Fresh: That was of course his birth. I’m going to chat a little out of the box. After the birth, I was with him in a warm room and I had to take off my T-shirt, lay on a couch and was allowed to put him on my chest. He was totally calm. But at first I was totally overwhelmed and didn’t know how to behave. Then I started singing something to him. That was the nicest thing I have experienced so far.

If you are affected by domestic violence, you can find help anywhere in Germany and around the clock on the free number of the “Help telephone violence against women”: 0800 116 016. If you feel acutely threatened, call the police on the free emergency number 110.


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