New York is home to the renowned restaurant Balthazar in order to keep a legendary restaurateur Keith McNally, 69. He has shared an event on Instagram asking a restaurateur about extreme professionalism, situational awareness and diplomacy.

A young couple arrived in Balthazar, Manhattan, ordering the cheapest wine from a bottle house with their meal. It was a $ 18 Pinot Noir. However, they asked that the wine be poured into a decanter.

At a nearby table sat a group of Wall Street businessmen, one of whom decided to woo his companions. He ordered a bottle of the restaurant’s most expensive wine. It was the $ 2,000 Chateau Mouton Rothschild. That too was poured into a decanter.

The decanters changed

However, the waiters made a nasty mistake and the wines went to the wrong tables.

– According to Sommelier, the host of businessmen considered himself an excellent expert on wines. He tasted the wine generously and then praised its “purity”.

– A young couple who ordered $ 18 Pinot Noir received a $ 2,000 Mouton Rothschild, unaware of it. They even jokingly tasted it in the same way as the wealthy wine experts at the next table.

The owner paid

Sommelier noticed the error after about 10 minutes and due to the embarrassment of the situation, restaurateur Keith McNally was brought to the scene.

He says he had quite a problem. Does it tell the truth or does it allow business people to enjoy cheap wine?

– The latter option would naturally have been the easiest and cheapest. At this point, it would in no way have been the case that I had taken Rothschild out of the young couple’s table. However, the only ethical way was to tell both parties the truth.

Fortunately, both parties had enough sense of humor.

– The host of the business party said that I had thought that this was not Mouton Rothschild. The others nodded.

– The young couple was downright ecstatic about a mistake made by the restaurant. They said it was as if the bank had made a mistake in their favor. In this case, however, it was not the bank that lost $ 2,000. It was me.