the country will return to normal by the end of 2021

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The main epidemiologist of the US Government, Anthony Fauci, predicted this Friday that return to a normality similar to that of before the pandemic will not be achieved until “well entered & rdquor; 2021 and even until the end of next year.

“If you are talking about returning to a degree of normality that is similar to what we had before COVID, it will be well into 2021, perhaps even towards the end of 2021 & rdquor ;, the expert told local media, in statements collected by the CNN chain.

The also director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases of the United States estimated that “Probable & rdquor; not until “mid or late 2021 & rdquor; ensure that most or a greater percentage of the US population is vaccinated, should a vaccine be distributed.

Fauci also expressed his concern and even disappointment at seeing crowded places.

“We have a significant problem that worries me a lot & rdquor ;, he admitted, describing it as“ impressive & rdquor; for him to see in some states, cities and counties images broadcast on television of “people crowded in bars”, in what he considered a widespread event of the disease.

On September 2 it was learned that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, in English) have asked all states of the country to be prepared to distribute at the end of October or beginning of November a possible vaccine against COVID-19, in case it is approved.

As reported then by The New York Times and the CNN television network, the CDC sent those documents on August 27, the same day that US President Donald Trump assured in his speech before the Republican convention that he hoped to tell with a vaccine before the end of the year.

Pharmaceuticals Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca Initiate Phase 3 Vaccine Studies in the United States.

However, a spokesperson for AstraZeneca announced Tuesday that the firm decided to interrupt a clinical trial to achieve a vaccine against COVID-19, because one of the participants contracted “a potentially unexplained disease.”



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