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the country recorded the lowest death rate in six years through July despite the coronavirus


Denmark had the lowest death rate in six years to the end of July despite the outbreak in March of the coronavirus pandemic, according to official data.

The restrictions put in place in early March at a very early stage in the epidemic and flu season “unusually benign” These are the reasons for the low mortality, the daily Politiken reported on Monday, according to data provided by the state Serum Institute in Copenhagen.

“Until now we have had a mortality somewhat below the expected level in 2020. The low mortality shows what fast and effective measures worked and restrictions introduced in society against COVID-19, “Lasse Vestergaard, head of the infection department of that institute, told this newspaper.

Denmark was one of the first countries to close schools and borders in early March, although it did not confine its population, and already during the spring a phase of reopening of social life began.

The increase in infections at the end of the summer led to the adoption of new measures, such as the mandatory use of the mask in public transport and restaurants or the reduction to 50 of the maximum number of people allowed in public gatherings.

With a population of 5.7 million inhabitants, Denmark has so far registered 667 deaths from COVID-19, with a mortality rate of 11.51 people per 100,000 inhabitants.



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