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Presidential advisers, Elas Bendodo, Salud, Jess Aguirre and Education, Javier Imbroda, this Tuesday at the Palacio de San Telmo.MEETING

The next course will begin in Andalusia in person, with a reinforcement of staff to facilitate the adoption of extraordinary security measures against coronavirus andunfoldin those groups that have more than 20 students, as announced on Tuesday by the Minister of Education, Javier Imbroda.

The plan prepared by the Council to face the changes required by the epidemiological situationdoes not mean a drop in official classroom ratesbut it envisages having staff to reduce the groups in cases where the administration of the centers considers necessary. Thus, the Minister of Education does not, as a rule, impose a maximum number of students per classroom other than LOMCE (25 students in nursery and elementary school; 30 in high school and 35 in bachelor’s degree), although it does provide means for teams management so that larger groups can be somewhat relieved.

Such extraordinary personnel will be used to arbitrate divisions, but also to ensure that the sanitary measures dictated by the Minister of Health are complied with.

“We give youautonomous for centers, but autonomy without resources creates overload. That is why we provide human and technological resources for the centers “, said the councilor Imbroda.

Each center must have a “Covid team”, charged with preparing a specific plan for each scenario, based on the evolution of the pandemic. The person responsible for this team will have a reduction in the teaching load to face the new tasks and there will be a liaison person at the nearest health center. To cover the reduction hours for the Covid coordinator of each center, there will be a new space with 300 new hires, according to the Minister of Education.

The other leg of the callEducation Action Plan 2020-2021it is precisely the reinforcement of the technical means that teachers will be able to use both in classroom teaching and if they have to return to distance learning due to a new confinement. In this scenario, the same devices can be made available to teachers and students to ensure that training can continue electronically. A total of 150,000 electronic devices will be delivered to the centers, in addition to those that will be acquired through the program launched by the Ministry of Education to serve the most vulnerable students. It is also planned to connect 100% of the centers to the Internet (currently more than 90% are already connected). The total investment in infrastructure exceeds 140 million euros, according to the data offered by the Minister of Education.

In addition to the new material and human donation, the Board’s plan for the beginning of the course does not specify how the minimum distance between students will be guaranteed or whether spaces outside the center will be enabled to facilitate duplication. The Minister of Education explains that the casustica of the centers is so wide that they must be the ones who take measures based on their needs and alternatives. Students will have to wear a mask if it is not possible to guarantee a minimum distance of five feet, unless they can consider what the counselor has defined as“Coexistence groups with limited contacts”. Generally speaking, “coexistence groups with limited contacts” are considered to be all those who are in the 0 to 6 years old phase and in the first grade, although certain groups from other stages can be identified in this way, if the direction of the Center. The mask will be mandatory when entering and leaving the center and during transfers through the center that involve interaction with other groups.


The Minister of Education will also launch a tutoring program that will make up for lost time for students who, for some reason, are “off the hook” of online education.

According to Imbroda, the centers identified “with names and surnames” those students who do not follow daily online education and who are some90,000, of which only 30,000 were disabled because they did not have a suitable electronic device. The rest did not follow classes due to lack of interest, lack of family support “or because they did not want to”. They represent 2% of the total student body, which is about 1.8 million in non-university education.

There will be a school reinforcement program for them, which will start in July with theSummer Reinforcement Program,where 7,500 students and 1,500 teachers participate in 200 different centers. And continue with theReinforcement, Guidance and Support Program (PROA),What to start in September with recovery classes and sports activities after school.

For the “most vulnerable” students, there will be an extraordinary team, with 152 new PTIS (Social Integration Technical Professional).

TheCleaning services, with 1,500 new workers, and 25 million euros will be used to renovate and adapt spaces in 1,064 institutes, conservatories, official language schools and permanent education centers.

Finally, the Minister of Education undertook to supply alcohol and products for the daily disinfection of classrooms, both in public centers and in public schools and daycare centers, and announced that, before the incorporation in September of students and teachers, instructions accurate information will be published on daily hygiene and ventilation measures in classrooms that will be implemented to comply with health authority guidelines.

In total, the Administrative Council600 million for this classroom return plan“personally and safely”, 400 of which are borne by the minister’s budget for 2020 and the rest will be allocated from the 2021 budget.



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