The coronavirus vaccine in Spain will be massive only in August 2021

According to the Minister of Health, we will have to wait until the European summer for the percentage of vaccinated people to guarantee immunity.

“When is there going to be a vaccination percentage in Spain that at least guarantees immunity?” Not before the summer ”, admitted this Thursday the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, about the massive vaccination that will only be possible among Spaniards during the European summer, that is, between June and September 2021.

“If all the contracts are developed according to plan, Spain will receive around 140 million doses to immunize 80 million citizens,” said the minister before the Health Commission of the Congress of Deputies.

The director of the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, María Jesús Lamas, had advanced to Clarion that Spain will have more doses of vaccines than necessary to cooperate with those countries that have difficulties in acquiring them.

With prudence, Spain was revealing throughout this week, in modest installments, how it plans to vaccinate its 47 million inhabitants against Covid-19.

Vaccination against the coronavirus, which will be applied in 13,000 points distributed throughout the Spanish territory, it will be free and voluntary.

The government reserved about 1,000 million euros in the General State Budgets, which are getting closer to being approved by Parliament, to buy vaccines.

The first doses would arrive from January of next year and, as Minister Illa clarified a few days ago, the first to receive them will be the people who live in nursing homes, along with the staff who assist them in those centers, the workers. health workers and those with severe disabilities.

The strategy of the coalition government chaired by Pedro Sánchez aims for all those who belong to groups considered vulnerable to be vaccinated in June.

“Spain was divided into 18 population groups according to four risk criteria,” the minister explained on Tuesday, after the Council of Ministers in which the government approved the vaccination plan for all of Spain. That of severe morbidity and mortality, that of exposure to the disease, that of socio-economic impact and the risk of disease transmission. “

And although it has not yet been clarified which are the 14 remaining population groups that will receive the vaccine, with this roadmap and if the first doses begin to be applied in January, the mass vaccination will arrive around August. “That is why we have set a horizon of months. Five to six months, ”Illa said.

Little by little, Spain improves the cumulative incidence of the disease in this second wave of the pandemic: it is still far from the aspirational 25 infected per 100,000 inhabitants – a figure recommended by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control-, But this Thursday it reported 325 cases when, at the beginning of the week, the infected per 100,000 people were 374.

For those managing health measures that tend to control the spread of the pandemic, Christmas and New Year’s Eve represent the imminent challenge: “Vaccines are near. I understand that some special holidays are coming and that what we most want is to meet and celebrate with our loved ones these days, ”said Illa. I would like to call a cautious hope. We can’t relax now. I want to call the public to build a different Christmas together by appealing to a very Christmas feeling such as solidarity. “

The minister ruled out that each of the 17 autonomous communities that make up Spain dictates custom restrictions for these Holidays: “There will not be 17 Christmases,” Illa said, implying that the criteria for passing the end-of-year celebrations will be the same for all the country.

For now, meetings are not expected to exceed six people and that, after the 12 o’clock toast, everyone is home at one o’clock in the morning.

“Only by taking care of each other will we all be protected,” Illa added.

Madrid, correspondent


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