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In 24 hours, cases jumped 30%. The country, which has been keeping the virus at bay, is beginning to suffer the blows of a second wave.

The alarm grows in Italy for the sharp peak of coronavirus infections after eight weeks of continuous rise in infections, deaths and those hospitalized in intensive care.

The peninsula is considered as the most virtuous country which has managed to contain the pandemic after having been in the most acute phase of the spread of the corona virus, in March-April, the most punished European country.

It is estimated that in those two months there were about thirty thousand deaths, a part of which were not recognized in the official figures. Currently the total reaches 35,918 deaths. The geneticist Paolo Gasparino estimated on the basis of a study that the real number of infected in Italy exceeds the six million people When official figures give a total of 317,409 infected since the epidemic broke out on February 21.

Seeing the dreaded coming second wave, the government ordered the extension of the state of emergency that expired in October until January 31. The 2,548 infected announced on Thursday, with a surprise increase of 30% compared to the previous day, was also explained by the number record of 118 mil hisopados nasopharynx to find infected and trace their movements in order to isolate those affected. The dead were 24 on Thursday and this Friday, 23.

This Friday those infected in 24 hours were 2,499. Veneto was the region with the most infected: 445, a record from Thursday, which fell to 191 infections this Friday. Also yesterday the highest data involved Campania (capital Naples), with 390 infected, which on Friday rose 392; Lombardia, with 324 (307 this Friday) and Lazio (capital Rome), with 265 that this Friday reached 264 infected.

The patients in intensive care, on Friday, were three more than on Thursday and reached 294. The area of ​​the most serious patients shows that the situation remains under control.

On April 4, at the worst moment of the pandemic, the number of patients in intensive care across Italy was 4,068.

The worries grow despite those who point out how Italy has managed to improve the state of the pandemic like no other European country. The data from Thursday 1, which broke the psychological barrier of two thousand infections per day, had not been registered since April 23. At the time, the country was living a rigid quarantine that immobilized Italians but also the spread of the virus. On that disastrous day in April, 420 deaths were registered, while on Thursday the figure was 24 deaths and 23 deaths.

According to Walter Ricciardi, advisor to the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, the alarming data of these days is due “to the fact that now we pay the moves and the transgressions in bulk ”.

Scientists maintain that young people, fed up with their quarantine, had a transgressive summer on the beaches, dance halls and meeting places.

“First they infected each other and then they began to infect their relatives.” In the summer the average age of those infected fell to a peak of 60 less than 30 years and now it’s back up, almost 50 years.

According to Andrea Crescenti, the microbiologist at the University of Padua who is one of the scientists most followed by public opinion, “we will have to be seriously concerned if we reach a figure of seven thousand infected daily.”

While the French, Spanish and British suffer a severe crisis due to the increasing severity of their coronavirus epidemics, Italy and Germany had accumulated a strong prestige when in the summer they managed to strongly reduce the transmission of Covid 19.

But unexpected peak Thursday from Italy was followed by an outbreak of more than 2,600 infected in 24 hours in Germany, which showed that the coronavirus is spreading again quickly in Europe.

The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who ten days ago stated that “we must resist six months until the vaccines and new drugs arrive,” said in the last hours that “we must resist with the knife between our teeth for another eight months.” Without clarification, he added two months to the need to resist.

Italians expect final approval for the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca in collaboration with the University of Oxford and the Italian laboratory Irbm in November. The vaccine, which is in the final stages of experimentation, has just been tested by the EMA, the European Drug Agency.


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