The coronavirus spreads in France but the government rules out returning to quarantine

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The new outbreaks in several regions worry the authorities. They call to respect hygiene and distancing measures. And wear chinstraps.

The coronavirus is advancing in France, in a process that Prime Minister Jean Castex characterized as “manifest degradation.” The departments considered red have gone from 28 to 42 in an exponential growth. A classification that will allow prefects to take local action.

“The virus will be here for several months yet and we must manage to live with it, without allowing ourselves to enter a logic of generalized confinement,” said the prime minister.

“The simplest and least restrictive solution, we already know it. It is to scrupulously apply the gestures of prevention, physical distancing, wash our hands regularly. We must use the mask,” said the premier.

Castex showed its concern about the health situation from the country. ”We have analyzed the epidemiological situation. There is a manifest degradation. The virus is circulating more and more in France. The incidence rate has grown to 72 per 100,000 people against 57 a week ago. A percentage of these positive cases continues to increase ”, he said.

The other pillar on which the government relies is the application of massive tests. “We are going to test massively to break the chain of contamination. We currently do more than a million tests per week. France is the third in testing orders in Europe ”, he explained.

They have also hired another 2,000 people in the health insurance to track the cases contacted.

One of the great novelties announced by the premier was the duration of isolation. It came down to seven days. “This is the actual duration of the contagion. It is essential that each one strictly respect this period of isolation “, he remarked.

The Defense Council raised the number of departments with an active circulation of the virus to 42, against the 28 that currently exist.

Castex did not specify what the new 14 departments were. This level of contagion allows local authorities to take extra measures to reduce the risks of further outbreaks. It refers to the use of chinstraps, restriction of large events, opening hours of certain shops.

Castex also called for complementary measures for Marseille, which is in red status, Guadeloupe and Bordeaux.

“As I always say, the measures should not be decided from Paris. We keep this method that we must allow ourselves to act without things degrading ”, he assured.

10,000 cases were registered Thursday in France and more than 9,400 this Friday. But so far any decision of territorial confinement is ruled out.

In total, the virus has already caused 363,350 infections in France, and 30,893 deaths, 40 of them in the last 24 hours.

Paris, correspondent


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