The start of the regular season was postponed from early September to October, but the League has still not escaped coronation.

Last Saturday’s HPK – Sport match had to be postponed due to the potential exposure of the host team. With two negative test results, HPK’s voluntary quarantine was lifted as early as Sunday, but more worrying news followed on Monday.

Due to the escalating epidemic in Vaasa, the city’s social and health board banned all meetings and public events for more than 50 people until 25 October. For an equally long time, it recommended putting team sports and competitive activities on hiatus.

The training of the sports league team in a controlled environment was allowed to continue, but its first four home matches were postponed for later play.

Sport, who lost to the Pelicans in Lahti last Friday in their opening match, will play their first six away matches. It will be able to play the home opening at the renovated Vaasa Sähkö Areena on Tuesday, October 27, when it will receive the Aces of Pori.

Audience restrictions and the shift in home game revenues by weeks will severely strain Sport’s economy.

The club responds to the challenge with a dramatic “support match” Sport vs. Covid-19.

Individual supporters or companies can buy tickets at different prices, and the goal is to sell 5,200 tickets, i.e. the hall is fictitiously full. Sport will send a collection support ticket by e-mail to those who have purchased the ticket.

– Now it’s a very match for men’s memory. Masks on the head, kept at safety intervals, washed hands and just asymptomatic match. Now we fight, Vaasa, and hit Covid-19 in the ground together, Sport’s head coach Risto Dufva create spirit on the club’s website.

Sport’s Deputy Captain, a nearly two-meter and 120-pound power striker Jonne Virtanen promises to raffle off their Twitter updates among retweeters with rackets, skates and game gloves.

– That’s the most important game of the season ahead! In fact, the most important game in the history of Vaasa Sport! Let’s make sure that league hockey is played in Vaasa in the future as well, a cult player known by the nickname Monsterimonni is campaigning.

The SM League continues today with the Ässät – HPK match.