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The pandemic of the new coronavirus from the Chinese city of Wuhan has recorded 178,000 cases in the past 24 hours, with the number of deaths and deaths approaching 10 million and half a million people, respectively, according to the latest balance published by Johns University Hopkins.

According to data updated Sunday at 9:15 AM, the global balance of the coronavirus is 9.9 million cases and 498,895 fatalities in 188 countries and territories. The total number of people recovered is already over five million, with Brazil topping the list, with 727,715 people healed.

The United States remains the country most affected by the pandemic, setting a new daily record of 45,300 cases, bringing the balance to 2.5 million infected people and 125,539 fatalities. Brazil remains in second place with 38,700 positives, with a total of 1.3 million infections and 57,870 deaths. Russia remains third, with 626,779 positives and 8,958 killed.

In fourth place, India has already passed the half a million infections mark, with a total of 528,859 positives and 16,095 deaths, after breaking the daily record for the fifth consecutive day, this time with 20,095 infections. Subsequently, the UK records 311,727 infected people and 43,598 deaths, before Peru, with 275,989 patients and 9,135 deaths.

For its part, Chile has 267,766 people with coronaviruses and 5,347 deaths, while Spain has 248,469 infected and 28,341 deaths. After Spain, Italy has 240,136 infected and 34,716 fatalities.

Iran already has 220,180 cases and 10,364 deaths, followed by Mexico, which records 212,802 cases, with 26,381 deaths, ahead of Pakistan, with 202,955 cases and 4,118 deaths; the latter country has been included in the group with more than 200,000 victims in recent hours.

France is still below 200,000 infections, with 199,473 infections and 29,781 deaths, ahead of Turkey, with 195,883 cases and 5,082 deaths, and Germany, which has confirmed 194,458 cases and 8,968 deaths.

The group of over 100,000 infections is being closed in Saudi Arabia, with 178,504 infected and 1,511 dead; Bangladesh, with 133,978 sick and 1,695 dead; South Africa, with 131,800 cases and 2,413 deaths; and Canada, with 104,878 people with coronaviruses and 8,576 deaths.

Below the positive threshold of 100,000, Qatar records 93,663 cases and 110 deaths, Colombia, with 88,817 cases and 3,076 deaths, and China, where the pandemic originated, with 84,743 cases with 4,641 deaths.

Sweden, the next country on the list, has 65,137 cases and 5,280 deaths. Egypt follows with 63,923 infections and 2,708 fatalities, Belgium has 61,209 cases and 9,732 deaths, and Belarus is responsible for 61,095 infected and 377 deaths.

Argentina, with 57,744 people with coronavirus and 1,207 deaths; Ecuador, with 54,574 infected and 4,424 died; Indonesia, with 52,812 sick and 2,720 fatalities, and the Netherlands, with 50,282 infected and 6,124 deaths, close the list of countries with more than 50,000 cases.

The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Ukraine, Iraq, Singapore, and Portugal exceed 40,000 positives, while Oman, the Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Panama, and the Dominican Republic collect more than 30,000 cases.



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