The Social and Health Board of the City of Vaasa decided on Monday that all meetings and public events for more than 50 people will be banned in the city until 25 October 2020 due to the deteriorating corona situation.

– This was our own assessment when we received information about this in advance, Chairman of the Board of Vaasa Sport Heikki Hiltunen says.

In practice, the gathering restrictions mean that Vaasan Sport will not be able to play its first four home matches in the Finnish Championships in accordance with the match schedule.

Sport intends to suggest that home games marked on the calendar be played by guests. And the away games played reciprocally later would be exchanged between the same teams for Sport’s home games.

– In that case, the matches would not be missed at all, Hiltunen reasoned.

Had the season kicked off as planned in September, Sport would still have started the season with 8-10 matches on the away tour due to the hall renovation.

– Now the situation is a bit the same, although the reason is different.

The city of Vaasa also recommended pausing team sports and competition activities on 25 October. until. However, the sports league team has received a special permit to practice normally.

– And the away games are played as agreed, Hiltunen adds.

According to plans

According to Hiltunen, the transition of home games to the same future is not a big problem either financially.

– This, of course, now has a negative effect on the cash flow plan, but it will come back later. I do not feel that it (the economic situation) is critical in this regard.

The renovated sports hall can accommodate about 5,200 spectators. Even if the interest rate restrictions continued to be the same throughout the early season, it would not be a disaster for Sport.

– It’s ok if the number of games remains the same. According to it, we have estimated and calculated that this season will get through. Yes, we will succeed if we go with these, Hiltunen assures.

How many spectators do you need to be able to play through the season?

– It is not possible to say the absolute number of viewers, because it also makes a big difference how fences and tip packages go on sale. They play a bigger role than the number of viewers themselves.

According to Hiltunen, the fences and pick packages have gone well during the season.

– But an average of about 2,000 to 2,500 viewers is needed. Then there will be talk of about 60,000 to 65,000 viewers during the season.

Will the viewers come?

More restrictive Hiltus wonders whether viewers dare to come to the hall.

– All places have the same situation. The biggest concern during the season has been how the audience will start coming to the events.

In the first week, there weren’t yet as many people in the halls to get in. Still, the situation is not yet worrying for Hilti.

– Many clubs assume that even if the beginning of the season starts slowly, the number of spectators will increase during the season, as is usually the case when the games become tighter.

– If the pandemic eases during the season and people get used to attending matches, then it is also assumed that the number of spectators will increase.

Although the situation is sad now, Hiltunen is not afraid that the season will be interrupted for Sport.

– I’m not worried about that. Of course, this is not nice for anyone, but this is not a catastrophe yet.