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The case occurred between the highest European negotiators, when there are just days to reach an agreement.

The latest drama for Brexit on its final day. The negotiations are they suspended this Thursday because one of the European negotiators of Michel barnier tested positive for Coronavirus in Brussels.

On a Twitter page, the head of the European negotiators revealed that “one of the negotiators on my team has tested positive for Covid 19. With David Frost, we have decided to suspend negotiations at our level for a short period. The team will continue its work in full respect of the protocols ”.

Lord David Frost, the British negotiator, said he was “in close contact” with Barnier. “Health comes first,” he wrote, after thanking the European Commission “for their immediate help and support.”

With British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confined to Downing St for having been in contact with a deputy who tested positive for Covid, the contagion now reaches the European team, on a fundamental day to decide the fate of Brexit. The European heads of state and prime ministers met this Thursday digitally at the Brussels summit and had to discuss it.

The leaders will have a short discussion on Brexit at the digital summit this Thursday night, when no signs of a solution yet.

Valdis Doimbrovskis, vice president of the European Commission, said that “the negotiations are underway with great intensity because we are in the final push of the agreement. There is substantial work to do ”, he clarified.

Negotiations had restarted last week in London. But it was in the chaotic days that Prime Minister Boris Johnson got rid of Dominic Cummings, his super adviser and Brexit ideologist, and Lee Cain, his communications chief, who ran the timing of the negotiation between the curtains.

With no progress, they moved to Brussels on Monday. President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders ordered Barnier to publish the plan of a no-deal exit free trade for the EU, when negotiations are difficult and volatile. Fishing and subsidies are the big differences in these hours. Until this Thursday the plan of a No Agreement It is a European secret.

European leaders find themselves frustrated when times are running out and there is no agreement on fundamental issues: trade, security and fishing.

The Netherlands, France and Belgium, in addition to other coastal countries, are concerned that companies and fishing communities will be affected by the No Agreement, without contingency measures to alleviate the effect of this decision.

“January 1, 2012 is very close. We need a safety net. Obviously this is sending a political signal. But it is time to prepare people and companies, if we cannot fix the agreement in time, “said a European diplomat.

Sir David Frost, a Brexiteer who threatened Boris with resignation if he changed the negotiating directions, seeks to minimize the disruptions that a No Deal will cause. Barnier is going to use the powers of the European Commission over financial services, data protection, aviation, energy and trucking as a transaction element.

Fishing in British waters in exchange for financial services for the City of London or the blocking of British Airways to operate in Europe. Everything is at stake at this time.

Although the Irish believe that there may be a Brexit deal, which would be announced on Monday. For them, the differences over the fishing rights of the French in British waters are more emotional than real, not everyone has the same opinion. Boris Johnson has been weakened in the Brexit negotiation, after the triumph of President Joe Biden in the United States, and the threat of not achieving a free trade agreement with the United States, if he does not protect the Good Friday agreement that guarantees peace in Northern Ireland in Brexit.

Britain and the European Union are trying to seek a free trade agreement, after months of negotiations and with the permanent threat of the British to leave without a deal and a party more divided than ever.

This Thursday was the worst day for the negotiating team to get sick. It was the last chapter of the Brexit psychodrama, when there is no more time to negotiate. Negotiations are likely extend until December, if no agreement is reached on Monday.



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