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Twelve positive cases were known this Tuesday and the Government does not give the green light. The leaders left the door open for October 16. And they defined that the Promotion will be played from November 1 to January 31.

The coronavirus advances on football, while the leaders turn the thread via Zoom. The last hours elapsed between the confirmation of twelve new cases in the First Division and an Executive Committee meeting that ratified the advance of Clarion: there will be no championship since September 25, the date that was always handled unofficially. If the daily numbers of infections – which in total reach about half a million – and deaths – in the accumulated are above ten thousand – decrease, the ball would roll in October.

For the Government, the image that would enable the activity when cases grow is decisive, despite the fact that many specialists assure that the risk of playing games at a professional level is minimal. As shown, Europe is enough, where the big and small leagues have been played since May. Or seven of the ten countries in the region.

This Tuesday night, after an hour and a half of virtual conclave, a date was not defined, although unofficially it would be Friday, October 16, with matches during the week, to finish the championship on December 27. The rest of the categories (First National, B, C and D) will be played from November 1 to January 31, 2021. This was confirmed Nicolás Russo.

The president of Lanús and executive secretary of the AFA was very critical of Conmebol. “It is crazy that the Copa Libertadores is played. It terrifies me that Brazilians come to play in Argentina ”, he shot in The Oral Deportivto. And she emphasized: “We are going to abide by what the Government says.”

Andrés Fassi, Talleres president, who did not participate in the Zoom, showed up on the opposite sidewalk, but pointed at Marcelo Tinelli. “We gave him the power to improve Argentine football and he did nothing. It’s embarrassing, ”he attacked Of One with Niembro.

In the midst of the crossfire, shards of a busy morning. Very early positive cases in Racing, Independiente, River, Tigre and Argentinos transcended. And as if they were not enough, two soccer players from San Lorenzo were isolated with signs of Covid-19. In the evening, one of them, Nicolás Fernández, was confirmed to be infected.

It happened the day after the diagnosis of technician Mariano Soso was known. One of his collaborators failed the serological test. This Tuesday he delivered a balance of 12 players with coronavirus. In total, since training resumed on August 10, 78 cases of infected soccer players, 22 of them in Boca, which exploded within a health “bubble” that did not work. Most were asymptomatic or with mild conditions.

If it is taken into account that each team is made up of about 30 players, among the 24 clubs of the Professional Football League and Tigre, authorized to train because they participate in the Libertadores, It is possible to say that the average number of infections does not reach 10% (9.78).

Another reading is that there are three infected players for each club (3.12). It also remains an inconspicuous number. Everything changes if it is repaired, it is said, in that there were 22 cases in Boca. Although it is a particular situation. In Argentines 6 positives were reported yesterday. The names of the players were not released yet by the institution of La Paternal. “They and their close contacts were isolated,” they stated on their official website. For that reason, training at CEFFA was suspended.

The first case that was known this Tuesday was that of Alan Franco. Independiente’s defender had tested negative in the weekly serological test, but after learning about the case of a relative, a swab was done and it was positive. Fabricio Bustos experienced the disease: first he tested positive, then negative. There were cases in the Reserve: Mauro Molina, Mauricio Del Castillo, Juan Román Zarza and Lucas Lezcano. In addition, last Friday the manager, Jorge Burruchaga, recovered, who has already returned to activity.

Later it was learned that Racing has two players with Covid-19. Is about Ivan Pillud and the juvenile Lucas Nunez. Both also go through the disease without symptoms and at home. The winger will miss the 17th game against Nacional for the Libertadores.

In Tigre, meanwhile, the case of the youth archer was reported Felipe Zenobio and it was reported that the physical trainer, Sebastián Somoza, is another of those affected. Victoria’s club also focused on a bubble and only regretted one infected: Brian Leizza.

In River, a positive case was detected in the Reserve. Is about Leonardo Diaz, goalkeeper category 2000. Marcelo Gallardo had authorized 16 youths to concentrate on the Monumental to choose ten of them and thus be able to enroll them in the extended list in good faith for the Cup.

Díaz was already isolated like every juvenile, and therefore there would be no risk of other infections. For its part, the staff of the Doll did not present more positives after Ezekiel Centurion, fourth archer. However, this Tuesday the case of a props assistant was also reported.

Before, River had suffered a scare in his bubble at the Holiday Inn with Adrián Olivieri, goalkeeping coach.

Of the 25 active clubs, only Atlético Tucumán, Central Córdoba, Patronato, Talleres and Unión did not register infected. In Santa Fe, although it is true that tatengues they do not have to regret players with coronavirus, yes Colón (Brian Fernández), Newell’s (Manuel Guanini and the youthful archer Williams Barlasina) and Central (seven players).



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