A directorial legend familiar from the TV series Twin Peaks and the movie Mulholland Drive, among others David Lynch has told IndieWirewith a stalled coronavirus pandemic.

Lynch notes that he might make a new film or a “continuous story” if he didn’t have to be in isolation.

He has hinted in the past that he is working on a new film or TV project.

Some of the director’s fans have guessed Lynch is planning another sequel to the Twin Peaks series.

On the other hand, the director also says that he enjoys being isolated.

– I am isolated, and I love it. I can’t do things, but I can paint and work on sculptures and my YouTube channel. That’s awesome. In a way, I like isolation, Lynch ponders.

Weather videos and lottery

During her isolation, Lynch is passionate about tubulation. The director has his own YouTube channel where he uploads weather-related videos, among other things.

In addition, Lynch regularly publishes videos in which she draws a random number.

Nonetheless, the director is optimistic about the recovery of his film career.

“There may be things in store that mean I’ll have less time to spend on my YouTube channel,” Lynch reflected in July.