End of an era in the FC Barcelona with the resignation of its until now president Josep María Bartomeu, along with the rest of its board, after another extraordinary meeting, after the Generalitat authorized the vote of no confidence. Its almost seven year mandate, divided into one and a half as “interim” and another five as president-elect, they will not be kept with good memories in the memory of the Catalans.

The former president and his board of directors have starred in all kinds of controversies and clashes with players and fans, practically precipitating the departure of Leo Messi from the club, only frustrated by technicalities of his contract.

‘Neymar case’

Bartomeu’s first great scandal came by Neymar’s departure in summer 2017. The Brazilian, called to be Messi’s heir as Barça’s great sports leader, left the Barça club to be the figure of PSG, claiming disagreements with the president. A setback from which the club has not yet recovered from a sporting point of view, which is still looking for its replacement at the head of the culé attack as Messi’s heir. Proof of this, the rumors market after market of a return of Neymar to Barcelona.

Bad sports planning

After the departure of Neymar, Barça entered 222 million euros that, perhaps, have not been invested in the best way, with signings that do not fit into the Barcelona style and a dance of sports directors in these years.

The first big signing was Dembele, which stood out in a very great season with Borussia Dortmund signing double digits in terms of goals and assists, and in which Barça had already been interested a year before. 105 million in the direction of Germany and the French on the way to Camp Nou. However, that same September his Injury carousel that weighs you down to this day.

The other main objective of the market was Coutinho, who did not manage to change clubs in the summer window, but did so in January in exchange for 140 million that Liverpool pocketed. His half season was exciting, but in his first full year at the club left much to be desired and left on loan. This year, the Brazilian has once again shown his best version and is seen more adapted thanks to Koeman returning to the Half Point with your system.

The last broken toy of the directive appears to be Griezmann. As with Coutinho, he was signed in 2019 more like “chrome” than necessity, and is being placed in a place where he is not entirely comfortable playing, thus complicating his progress and success.

Russian roulette in sports management

Six years of mandate and four sports directors under the direction of Bartomeu. The first was Andoni Zubizarreta, whose great legacy has been the sweet transition in goal after the departure of Víctor Valdés. After the crisis between the staff and Luis Enrique in 2015 was fired from his post and relieved by Robert Fernández. The former player was the main indicated by the departure of Neymar and his aforementioned attempts to replace him, all in vain.

In the last two years the dance has intensified. Fernández was substituted for one season by Pep Segura, in this case as general manager, who left his duties after the Anfield debacle. The last to fall has been Eric Abidal, whose was dispensed this summer in the renewal of the club. Currently, these tasks are carried out by both Koeman himself and the technical secretary, Ramón Planes.


This year 2020 all these disagreements between the president and the club and the fans have intensified, starting with the one already known as’Barchagate‘. Last February it was revealed that the club itself hired the company I3 Ventures, who defamed about former players, candidates for the elections and even the current players of the club.

All this led to the departure of several leaders with serious accusations against the board, like the vice president Emili Rousaud, one of Bartomeu’s trusted men.

Messi’s escape attempt

One of the blackest and most embarrassing episodes for the club – and the fans – came this summer with the attempt of escape of Leo Messi after a catastrophic season at all levels. The captain tried to activate a clause in his contract that allowed him to leave for free, but the club refused it due to a deadline issue.

However, Messi did not hesitate to assure that he felt cheated and that the president “did not keep his word” to let him out. In fact, the captain also pointed out the lack of a project with a policy of “juggling and plugging holes”.

  • Messi sticks to Bartomeu after announcing that he is staying: “There is no project and there is nothing, they are juggling”


Motion of censure

The beginning of the end for Bartomeu began to come true with the motion of censure, the fifth in the club’s history, and the one that collected the most signatures to bring the Barça president to a referendum. More of 20,000 partners, in the middle of the pandemic, they were in favor of Bartomeu being removed from his position.

Now, the president has tried to catch the burning nail of the pandemic, asking the Generalitat to postpone the vote for health reasons, but the authorities have turned their back on the president and have authorized its celebration between November 1 and 2.

Salary cut

The last of the terms that have become fashionable in Barcelona today is ‘salary reduction’, the same one that Bartomeu asked the players in full confinement and that he is now requesting again. However, this It has also generated discomfort both in the workforce and in the rest of the affected workers.

Both parties considered it inappropriate to hold a joint table in which the players, who account for 70% of the reduction and are covered by a special regime, only had one representative.