Trump’s defeat in last week’s election quickly sparked rumors among supporters of the QAnon conspiracy theory. “Biden will NEVER be president,” wrote one of the supporters. “Trump knows what he’s doing. It leaves Democrats and technocrats and the media to show their true face, “insisted another, quoted by NOW.

Some of the conspirators, however, began to lose confidence: “We are losing. I don’t know if I should trust the plan anymore. I’m not even sure there’s a plan. “

The QAnon conspiracy theorists, who believe in a bizarre theory that there is a global satanic cult of pedophiles led by American Democrats and against which Donald Trump would fight, have their plans turned upside down. For years, they have been assured that Trump will win the election again without a hitch and that he will “defeat the parallel state and bring the leaders of the cult to justice.” An account on the online forum where these discussions take place, called Q, was the one that, in the last three years, has constantly fueled this delirium, publishing cryptic messages.

Since Donald Trump’s defeat, however, Q has disappeared. No messages have been posted from this account, and no other messages have appeared on the site from which you communicate frequently. Overall, QAnon ‘s activity has declined significantly in recent days, according to the NYT Digi 24.

There have also been signs of conflict between the most prominent conspirators – Ron Watkins, one of the administrators of the 8kun site, which many thought was Q himself, announced on election day that he would give up work on the site, citing “heavy fighting with censorship”. Q’s disappearance has hit hard in the community of conspiracy theorists who feel “defeated by the parallel state,” even if they do not publicly acknowledge it, says Fredrick Brennan, founder of another conspiracy site, prior to the current one.

Brennan is one of those who left the community and became a vocal critic of Watkins. He says proponents of the theory were convinced Trump was in control and would win the election, even though polls showed his chances were slim: “They didn’t expect to lose and they didn’t expect Fox News to declare Biden a victory. It was a moment that affected them psychologically. “

In recent months, QAnon conspirators have been blocked from most traditional social networks, reducing the movement’s ability to organize – Facebook groups and Youtube channels with thousands of supporters have been deleted. Affected were the leaders of the circle, who are now losing their ability to sell QAnon-themed products, write conspiracy books or organize events.

Without Donald Trump, the figure at the center of QAnon’s fantasies, it remains to be seen whether the movement will continue or if it has its days numbered, the NYT also shows. “QAnon’s supporters were accustomed to Q’s predictions not coming true. Sometimes people are disappointed and give up. Others try to adjust the overall narrative so that failure seems to be part of a larger plan. But it is very difficult for such an adjustment with something big like the loss of the presidential race “, said Wilian Partin, a researcher who studied the QAnon movement.

Some supporters have already begun fabricating another conspiracy theory, according to which there is a supercomputer that was used to change votes and that Donald Trump secretly meant ballots to trap Democrats in a trap. .

Last Friday, two prominent QAnon influencers urged supporters in a podcast not to lose hope, explaining that the election would prove fraudulent. “It simply came to our notice then. That’s not how it looks to win, but believe us, “said one of them.