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QAnon, born on the darker side of the Internet, has the approval of the White House

Everything is delusional. Surreal as Barack Obama, a traitor and terrorist, has requested asylum in Monaco. Painful as the claim that chef Anthony Bourdain committed suicide in 2018 when he learned that he was going to be arrested for pedophilia. Crazy as the home of the ubiquitous Oprah Winfrey has been searched for abused children. Ridiculous as, in reality, Tom Hanks did not suffer from covid-19, but was arrested in Australia and sent to the United States. Sad as the story that Senator John McCain did not die of brain cancer but was executed. Insane as the belief that Guantánamo awaits this entire world elite of pedophiles, which has already been expanded to host at least 60,000 people for whom there is an arrest warrant.

One more point. Kim Jong-un is not a cruel tyrant towards the North Korean people. It was implanted in Pyongyang by the CIA! But the great savior, Donald Trump, released him in 2018. Now a double takes his place.

If in its origin it was understandably dismissed as an irrelevant phenomenon, this apotheosis conspiracy theory that lives in the sewers of the Internet under the name of QAnon is, however, on the verge of placing a representative in the United States Congress in the next election. of November. Marjorie Taylor Green, who is going through Georgia, could be sitting at the institution next year. Green, a follower of QAnon and recently defined by Trump as “the future Republican star”, defends that Obama hired assassins from the Salvadoran gang MS-13 to assassinate the member of the Democratic National Committee Seth Rich (her death is in the center of

In May 2019, the FBI declared that QAnon poses a domestic terrorism threat. Despite this, Donald Trump, always letting himself be loved, gave his approval. Afterwards, it has grown helped by a president who fuels the most bizarre theories, an economy in free fall and the loneliness of many people addicted to alleged conspiracies that has been aggravated by the forced confinement in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

The rainy month of August in Washington was ending when a reporter asked the president of the United States what he thought about QAnon. The president did not hesitate much in his answer and declared that he did not know much about the movement other than that they are people who like him, and he was grateful. “They are people who love our country,” he added. But the White House journalist’s question had a second part. When he asked Trump if he was aware that the movement believed he was secretly saving the world from a satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals, Trump, far from being shocked, laughing at the occurrence or moving on to the next question because of how insane it is, he simply replied, “I hadn’t heard that. But is that supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing? I mean, if I can help the world in its problems, I am eager to do so. “

QAnon has no known leader or ideology beyond the hoaxes and conspiracies it feeds on. Its name is about the sum of two ideas. The Q is the letter that designates the highest level of access to classified information of the US Department of Energy. But no one knows who Q is. And since his followers operate in the shadows and act cowardly after anonymity, the Q has been added “Anon”, short for anonymous.

QAnon was born at the end of 2017 when it began to be used by the far right and began to grow as an alien on 4chan and 8chan, two gigantic Internet forums, today closed, in which there were no filters and their users participated anonymously. QAnon’s mission is clear: to end a diabolical project run by a supposed global pedophile elite, made up of, among others, George Soros, the Rothschilds and Angela Merkel (who is actually Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter). The malevolent network also includes prominent Democrats, Hollywood actors and even Pope Francis, as the conspiranoids argue, the pedophilia scandals of the Catholic Church. Because the main task of the network, in addition to destroying the Judeo-Christian civilization to impose a New Order, is to traffic in children, who are raped and killed in secret ceremonies.

A first episode similar to those promulgated by QAnon was in what is known as the pizzagate, when in December 2016, a 28-year-old man drove from North Carolina to enter a popular northern Washington DC pizzeria armed with an AR-15 rifle. Edgar Maddison Welch was convinced that there was hidden a cartel, led by Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (brother of her former campaign manager), that trafficked in children to sexually enslave them or sell them.

The proximity of the presidential election on November 3 may lead extremists to join one of perhaps the most dangerous conspiracy theories in history, to the point that their supporters could not respect the electoral result in case of losing Trump , the man called to end that Deep State (Deep state), with that cabal, in front of Joe Biden. There are precedents. QAnon has already carried out violent acts by these white supremacists, including the October 2018 synagogue shooting that killed 11 people or the August 2019 El Paso massacre with 22 fatalities.

More and more fans are waving flags or wearing T-shirts with the big Q represented by QAnon at Trump rallies. They look for encrypted messages from their leader. For example, when in a speech in Florida he said the number 17 four times and they thought it referred to the Q, which occupies the seventeenth place in the alphabet. This responds to the way he communicates with his fanatical followers, which is usually through cryptic messages – called crumbs (crumbs) or drops (drops) – on 8kun, an anonymous message board that has replaced 8chan, closed last year for being a nest of extremists. Among them was the perpetrator of the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand, which left 51 bodies.

The starting gun for Qanon’s relationship with the White House originated in a meeting with military families in which Trump said: “Maybe this is the calm that precedes the storm.” That’s when they wanted to understand that Trump had been sent to destroy the Deep State, the secret society “embedded in the institutions and controlled by global elites and democrats to traffic in children.” Then came the “awakening”, when the members of this group, who call themselves “red-pilled”(Referring to the film Matrix, when those who take the red pill see what the world is really like), they came out of the sinks of the Internet and began to be seen at the rallies of the Republican candidate for re-election for the White House. If in February there were 155,000 red-pilled, in June they exceeded one million. And adding.

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