The Conmebol ranking that puts River as the most winner in the history of the Libertadores

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Núñez’s team is the one with the greatest number of victories in the contest: 174. In terms of countries, Argentina is surprisingly not the most winner.

The most winner, far. River enjoys a glorious present from the hand of Marcelo Gallardo, who in just six years and coins in office has already become the coach with the most titles in the club’s 119 years: 11 wins, with two Libertadores Cups and one of them unrepeatable.

And this news undoubtedly helps to make the history of the cast of Núñez even greater on a continental level. Yes: because according to the statistics compiled by Conmebol, the club leads the ranking of the teams that achieved the most wins throughout the Copa Libertadores.

No less than 174 victories throughout the history of the most important club-level competition in South America in a total of 357 player matches. Seven victories over those held by Nacional de Uruguay, the second on that list. And Boca? Accumulate 156 compliments in 297 games played.

Four times champion of the Libertadores, River has long since recovered its presence at the continental level. Anyway, in terms of the number of titles still far from the top, where it is located in solitude Independiente, with seven conquests, followed by Boca, with 6. Peñarol from Uruguay completes the podium, with 5, and just afterwards the Millionaire arrives, along with Estudiantes de La Plata, with 4.

The numbers of the current edition support River: it is the team that scored the most goals in five dates of the group stage (18) and has three players in the top 5 of those with the highest number of assists accumulated: Ignacio Fernández, Matías Suárez and Gonzalo Montiel, with three each.

And in the macro analysis, the importance of this Gallardo team in the general sum of victories is enormous. Why? Because under his command, the cast of Núñez reaped 31 victories of the 66 games played (24 draws). In that same period, Boca faced 51 games and won 27 times.

Of course, winning games does not guarantee titles, that is clear, but this specific case undoubtedly marks a trend that can be observed on the grass: the constant search for the rival goal is paying off for River.

In fact, with Gallardo in command the Millionaire managed to surpass Nacional in that historic winning bid.

Now, at the country level Argentina does not lead the ranking of the most winners. It is Brazil that with 880 victories among all its teams (Gremio contributed 104) surpasses our football, which in total reaches 819 victories. Of course, River is the one that leaves the national flag high.


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