Rafa Nadalreceives this Friday at his house in Manacor Bertin Osborne, to submit to the interview and talk on the program ‘My house is yours‘by Telecinco. The tennis player is already warned by his coach Carlos Moya to be careful with the presenter, who is going to get information.

Thus begins the advance that the program has given on the interview with one of the most beloved Spaniards. Osborne questions him about tennis, but also about his personal life with his wife, Mery Perelló, or if he really suffers to reach the top of the tennis world.

A fundamental support has been his parents -divorced-, which Nadal admits that they never pushed him more than they should. For him, tennis “has always been serious” but not for that reason his relatives pressured him. “The support has been indescribable, but pressuring myself or demanding sportingly … I have never felt that pressure, “he admits. The hard moments are there. Both psychologically (” I came to a point because I endured, but another that … “) and physically. Laughing, to stop take away iron, admits it: “I don’t remember playing without pain. It’s complicated.”

Despite these small cons, Nadal feels lucky in this life. “I try never to complain because things have gone in a way that I could not have dreamed of. I can only give thanks“, he says.

Nadal has a clear defect: punctuality

Later, at dinner with his friends, one of them confesses that “punctuality is not his greatest virtue”, since Bertín wonders if the ‘perfect’ Nadal has a defect. “At the wedding they gave it back to me for 20”, replies the tennis player.

Regarding his relationship with his wife, with whom he has been a boyfriend all his life but married only one year, he relates that he only calls her “María Francisca when there is tension”. He hopes to have children with her one day, although he does admit that he hoped it would be earlier. “I thought that when I retired, well … but I believed that at 30 I would be a caput!”, He relates.