The confession of Marcelo Gómez, the trainer of Juan Martín Del Potro, about his fight against the coronavirus: “I felt like I was dying”

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The tennis coach was hospitalized in his city for eight days and had a bad time. Today she proclaims essential care to combat the disease.

Marcelo gomez He is 50 years old and works at the Uncas de Tandil club. He was the coach of Juan Martín Del Potro in that Buenos Aires city that nurtured Argentine tennis. In this pandemic, he was one of those infected with coronavirus and only now could he tell what he lived, with a terrible summary: “I spent two days feeling like I was dying”.

One day he began to perceive symptoms that led him to think that something was not right. The fatigue and the pains in the body continued and then, on the recommendation of his doctor, he approached the Tandil Sanatorium.

After performing the tests, they confirmed that he was positive for Covid-19 and spent eight days in hospital in the health center located in the heart of the city.

“I spent two days in which I felt that I was dying, since I was with a high fever, body pain and a total decay. I had no strength, but little by little as the days went by I evolved. It was very hard everything that I had to live“, he commented to the newspaper “The Voice of Tandil”.

“I had a terrible time and your head works at two thousand kilometers per hour. You think you don’t tell it. It is not a simple flu that comes and goes. Something very hard hit me and I know of many healthy people who also went through it, “she said.

In turn, he also described how it feels to be hospitalized alone. “I was alone and the health personnel came only when necessary. Once a day I would see someone who encouraged you and told you that you were going to improve. Being 24 hours alone is the worst of the virus“he explained.

“Luckily, he was communicating with those closest to him by cell phone, but he didn’t want people to find out either. Honestly, doctors, nurses and therapists help you a lot to be well, but it is very difficult to be alone and not be able to count on him. affection and affection from family and friends, “he said.

It began to evolve and managed to recover. Already discharged, now it seeks to raise awareness of the precautions to take into account to face the virus.

“I’ll try to give plasma to be able to help people who need it. You have to take care of yourself a lot and this is not easy, but it depends on how you take care of yourself, “he described.

“People must understand that the chinstrap is here to stay and its use is essential until the vaccine is gone. I ask that you wear the chinstrap, wash your hands, keep your distance and use alcohol gel. That is very important , since we are going to live with all this for a long time and we must comply with all those rules, “he summarized.

Marcelo returned to his routine of teaching, as he did some time ago, when he discovered, educated and trained a young Del Potro. With him, he worked from 6 to 18 years old and accompanied him in his first professional tournaments. The roads forked by logic and Gómez continues in his business.

One day, he felt bad and his life changed. The worst is over in hospitalization. Now is the time to transmit the message of care to your peers and to continue training young people. Your everyday life.



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