The coronavirus pandemic has made us get used to masks, hydroalcoholic gel, not touching ourselves … will it also get us used to using plastic bubbles at concerts?

Judging from what was seen this week in Oklahoma City, USA, it may be. The band The Flaming Lips He offered a peculiar concert: both the members of the group and the 100 attendees at the recital were in plastic bubbles. It is, according to the organizers, a test for future concerts.

The truth is Wayne Coyne, the leader of the group, already knows how these devices work, since before the pandemic he himself used them to launch himself to the public at his concerts.

“I like it, because you can get turned on as much as you want, you can scream as much as you want, but you can’t infect the person next to youNo matter what you forget or what you get excited about, “said Coyne, who shared images from the concert on Instagram.

Fans don’t seem to have complaints either. One of the attendees, Dayzie Smith, in statements collected by the Daily Mailsaid: “The bubble is so big that actually not claustrophobic at all. It sounds a little distorted, a bit like you’re underwater, but not too much, enough to notice. “