It is the first time that a documentary is Romania’s proposal in the competition for the awards of the American Film Academy.

In addition, the American distributors of the film, Magnolia Pictures and Participant, will also nominate the “collective” film for the “Best Documentary” section.

“It is a great honor for us to be so confidently invested by the CNC committee. We are truly in the golden age of documentary, and the fact that these films are beginning to be recognized on such a large scale is very encouraging. We are convinced that the “collective” story will reach as many people as possible, backed by the efforts of our American partners along the long road ahead.It will be an atypical competition, in a complicated year in which eligibility standards have widened. “and the number of eligible documentaries has become huge. The competition is just beginning, and we are moving forward with optimism and responsibility,” said Alexander Nanau.

“collective” is an observational documentary that tells the story of the first year after the fire in the Bucharest club Colectiv, which led to the death of 64 people. The film follows authorities and journalists, seeking to expose the truth. It is a film about system versus people, about truth versus manipulation, about personal versus public interest, about courage and responsibility.

Nanau, German-Romanian director and producer, is known for the documentaries “The World Seen by Ion B.” and “Toto and his sisters.”

The film will be released in the US and the UK on November 20.

“Collective” will be released in the US on November 20 by Magnolia Pictures and Participant, on the same day that the distributor Dogwoof will release the film in the UK and Ireland. In addition, the film will enter cinemas and VOD in several countries this fall, including France, Germany, Israel, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland, which will give it even greater exposure, being even more in the attention of many members. American Film Academy living outside the US. The film will be available in 20 countries and through HBO Europe.

The distribution in Romanian cinemas was made by Bad Unicorn. “Collective” is produced by Alexander Nanau Production, co-produced with Samsa Film Luxembourg and HBO Europe, with the support of the National Cinematography Center, Luxembourg Film Fund and Sundance Documentary Fund, with the participation of MDR Germany, RTS Switzerland, RSI – Switzerland and YES Docu – Israel.