The Cold War between Luis Suárez and Barcelona: what if the Uruguayan stays, but doesn’t play for a year?

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The club is pressuring the forward to give up his last year of contract to go to another club, but there are no clear signs yet from Lionel Messi’s friend.

First act: Barcelona hires Ronald Koeman as their new coach. Second act: the coach tells Luis Suárez in a minute that he will not take it into account. Third act: Lionel Messi warns that he is leaving Barsa. Act four: cleanup begins on campus. Fifth act: Leo still in the catalan club until you fulfill your contract. Sixth act: What if the Uruguayan stays in the team, even without playing a game? How is the play called? The Cold War between the forward and Barcelona.

As expected, Suárez was the great absentee in the first friendly of the preseason of the team of Koeman, who did not include it in his first list. The forward, then, watched the game from his home.

The Uruguayan does his: do not miss a training and he practices like everyone else, but apart from his colleagues in recent years. An incredible image for an attacker who gave too much to Barsa.

There was talk of contacts to go to Juventus for Cristiano Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala, but nothing is on the way yet. So? He is the protagonist of an economic and power conflict.

According to what was published by the Catalan newspaper Sport, “off the pitch, the positions of the club with those of the player’s environment remain far apart.” At Barça they ask Suárez for an effort and want him to accept the same conditions as Ivan Rakitic: that he forgive the year of his contract that he has pending at the club.

However, the third top scorer in the club’s history did not intend to leave Barça this summer and considers that if it is a decision of the president and the technical secretariat, the fairest thing is to receive everything agreed and then terminate your contract.

Locals and strangers are surprised by the ways of treating a player like the Uruguayan, who has served the institution so well. “From their environment they are surprised by the ways that Barça is executing and they do not understand that they make him train apart from his teammates when it is not being a problem,” the newspaper said.

Offers were not lacking for Suárez from the moment that Barça put him on the transfer market. His scoring conditions and the possibility of freeing him made him a very appealing forward for teams that want to fight for all titles.

Juventus contacted the striker for a deal for the next three seasons. However, not everything seems so clear. The player is still pondering this possibility and has frozen the operation for now. Suárez wants to assess all possible scenarios before making a decision and will accept a proposal when he is fully convinced.

There was also talk of Atlético de Madrid in case Morata finally wants to go to Juventus. But his name also lost ground in recent days.

Luis Suárez has a contract with Barsa and can fulfill it in its entirety. From the club they press that if he does not give in, he could watch all the games from the stands because he is not in Koeman’s crosshairs.

The Cold War continues. What will happen to the Uruguayan, a great friend of Lionel Messi?


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