Owners will meet Ireland at the Helsinki Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.

Ireland’s preparations have not gone smoothly, as the team only arrived in Finland on Tuesday instead of Monday.

On Sunday, the single-player coronavirus test was positive. More sticks were thrown into the stroller on Monday when another player gave a positive test sample. The second test of that player was negative, but the third was positive again.

– Everything happened quickly, during the day, the head coach Stephen Kenny commented on the mixed results at Tuesday’s press conference.

Irish reporters had sent questions to head coach Kenny by the Football Association spokesman Mikael Erävuori presented at the event. Much of the questions were related to the coronavirus, which didn’t really delight the head coach.

He snorted on several questions and said he was not the right person to answer. Among other things, Kenny was asked if he trusted the corona test system.

– Wow. It’s hard to believe we lost two players so late because of a false positive result related to exposure tracking, the coach blurted out.

In addition to those infected, Ireland has four players in quarantine. According to Kenny, the national team has suffered from Ireland’s strict coronavirus rules.

– If it were a Dutch player, he would have no problem. Their (safety distance) rule is 1.5 meters. England would have no problem. I think the rules in Ireland are stricter than anywhere else in Europe.

– I do not think other countries should have traced the exposure in this way. We have to obey the law and so the medical department did.

Players drops

Ireland has had a difficult time in the League of Nations, with 17 players left from the original crew of 25 players assigned to the national matches.

The team has suffered injuries, in addition to that James McClean took a red card against Wales. He doesn’t play against Owls.

The Irish media wondered if head coach Kenny’s lineup had ever changed as dramatically as it does now.

– Listen now. People feel much worse than we do now. The coronavirus has killed thousands in Europe. It’s a bigger thing than sports.

– We were affected by the coronavirus. We have been missing eight players over the past week due to exposure tracking. That is a significant thing.

Smokes Finland

Owls knocked out Ireland in September on a 1-0 field. The head coach incites Finland to be a tough opponent.

– Finland is a really good team, they proved it by getting to the European Championships. They are like a club team. They are very confident and equally strong. All players know their role in the team. They have a good work ethic.

– They can play differently and change tactics. They have maximized their resources very well.

The lineup situation in Ireland is harsh on Wednesday, but Kenny still believes in his own.

– Sometimes when players are missing, others get an opportunity they haven’t had. Interesting to see what this brings.

Finland-Ireland, Wednesday 14.10. at 7 p.m..


1. Wales 7 points

2. Finland 6

3. Ireland 2

4. Bulgaria 1