The coach of Exequiel Palacios in Leverkusen accused Ángel Romero of being unfair

The Dutch Peter Bosz, Bayer coach, was hard on the Paraguayan player from San Lorenzo and considered that he had the intention. “If you throw yourself on someone with both knees, you know they are going to get hurt,” he shot.

The controversy over the play that led to the injury of Exequiel Palacios in Argentina-Paraguay is far from over. And on this occasion, the one who did not hide his anger at the action of Ángel Romero, was Peter Bosz, coach of the Argentine midfielder at Bayer Leverkusen, of the German Bundesliga.

First of all, the technician shared how he learned about the bad news: “The doctor called me at 7:30 in the morning. So I thought we had our first case of coronavirus. He doesn’t call that early to ask, ‘Peter, how are you?’ Then I knew there was something serious, but this was not what I expected “.

In addition, the coach was forceful about the play in question and told the German sports magazine Kicker: “When he was going to hit Palacios he still had two meters left to put his knees elsewhere. I played football too long to know if someone wants to hurt another, and it is done that way”

Bosz did not question the intention of the Guarani and noted: “To be honest, I have always played hard as a player, but there is a big difference between being tough and a petty foul. And then there is another difference from an injury that you can inflict on someone on purpose. And when you throw yourself on someone with both knees, you know they will be seriously injured. “

Finally, he was concerned about the recovery time of the former River: “If you break your leg, you know how long you have to wear a cast. It is different with an injury like this: it can come back quickly, but it can also take a long time. I have no idea.”

Palacios will be inactive for at least three months due to a transverse process fracture of the lumbar spine, while Bayer Leverkusen hopes that the midfielder can travel to Germany as soon as possible to start the rehabilitation period.

After the victory of the Argentine National Team against Peru, his teammates Lautaro Martínez and Lucas Martínez Quarta took the opportunity to dedicate the victory to him. On the side of Lautaro he expressed “Shovel dear, we dedicate the triumph to you, I hope you are well brother, a lot of strength, we are with you“while his former partner said”Big hug, dedicate this triumph that you are also part of, we are waiting for you soon




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