The FIFA has confirmed this Tuesday that the 2020 Club World Cup will finally be played between February 1 and 11, 2021, at the same headquarters in Qatar, to give time to finish the different competitions continental after the stoppages caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

“The 2020 FIFA Club World Cup will now take place February 1 to 11, 2021, and will take place in Qatar according to the original venue designation by the FIFA Council in June 2019, “FIFA said in a statement.

After discussing and approving it in the Working Group Covid-19 Between FIFA and the Confederations, the international body has decided that the FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2020, originally scheduled for December this year, will be postponed until February 2021 by the “disruptive effect” of the pandemic in the continental championships.

In fact, only Bayern Munich, as UEFA Champions League winners, and Qatari host club Al-Duhail, are qualified for the appointment in which a successor to Liverpool of the English Premier League is sought.

“The introduction of strict return-to-play protocols has facilitated the successful resumption of the continental club championships, the last of which is scheduled to conclude at the end of January 2021,” explained FIFA as main reason to move the Club World Cup to February.