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The Episcopal Council of Bilbao has categorically rejected this Friday the statements of a priest of the diocese justifying the violence of the terrorist gang ETA in the documentary “Bajo el Silencio” by Iñaki Arteta.

On a note, the still bishop of Bilbao, Mario Iceta, his assistant Joseba Segura Etxezarraga, his vicar general and the four territorial vicars They point out that these statements “in no way reflect the position of this diocese or the diocesan clergy on the issues addressed.”

In the documentary, the priest ensures next to the parish of Lemona a few meters where two civil guards were killed in 1981 that the fact that “an oppressed people they want to conquer responds with violence I don’t know to what extent it is terrorism, that is a war between sides, of one nation against another nation.” At another time he also assures about ETA victims that “Their deserved take away.”

Monsignor Iceta, his auxiliary bishop and all the vicars “Lamenting profudamente» the words of the priest and They ask for “forgiveness for the pain they may cause to those who suffered terrorist violence, that violates the dignity of the person, brutalizes society and always constitutes an evil and an injustice that can never be justified.

«We disavow and reject such personal opinions that do not reflect the feelings of the ecclesial community, they harm him and impair his reconciliation work ”, they underline.

The bishops of the diocese of the Basque Country have unequivocally condemned all forms of terrorism and violence. “We have stated on numerous occasions that no historical reading of what happened in previous decades justifies or can claim to explain the ETA murders; the decision to kill is the responsibility of those who unjustly resorted to violence, “they recall in the note.

They also ensure that the ministers of the Church must “always manifest and express in the exercise of their ministry in a clear way the doctrine of the Church and in a particular way on these issues that generate so much suffering.” «We are addressing this issue with said priest, whose statements as they appear in the viewing of the documentary are unacceptable. It must face up to its responsibility and the consequences that derive from it, ”they point out.

The priest’s statements have been the subject of a complaint before the National Court by the Dignity and Justice victims association headed by Daniel Portero, in which they denounce that the priest may be committing “In a crime of glorification of terrorism and humiliation of its victims.”

The prelates of the Diocese of Bilbao undertake to “continue working so that the rejection of all forms of injustice, violence or terrorism is definitively nested in our society and be proclaimed without ambiguity in the ministry that has been entrusted to us.



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