The president of the UEFA, Aleksander Ceferin, believes that, despite the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, there will be no problems for EURO 2020 to be held next year, and does not rule out that they may vary their initial format and do it “in eleven, five or in one country instead of twelve. “

“We are always concerned about the situation (with the pandemic), but we are absolutely sure that the European Championship in 2021“Ceferin assured this Thursday in the program #NewsLet’s go from Movistar +.

The Slovenian also made it clear that the idea is that the format, with twelve venues spread throughout Europe, is maintained “exactly” as they said. “But I also have to say that we could do a EURO in eleven, five or in a single country instead of twelve,” he said.

On the other hand, on the return of the public to the stadiums, the president was forceful. “The Government knows well how the situation is in Spain, we do not. We will allow the return of people to the stadiums when the Government allows it and if it does not allow it, we can do nothing,” he admitted, assuring that he is “working in a very narrow “with Luis Rubiales, President of the RFEF. “When the time comes we will face it together,” he added.

Finally, Ceferin also had words for the video refereeing. “He WHERE it helps football, but it can also harm it. I don’t think there is going back and the VAR will continue, but I think there is a lot of room for improvement. I think that in the European competitions we are doing very well, but in the national ones there are many problems and funny situations, “he commented.

“For me it is key to clarify what is hand and what is not. Nobody knows. The same play is sometimes a hand and sometimes not. When you are out of the game by an inch they check it … is that the sense of the norm? What happens if the goalkeeper takes a penalty one or two centimeters ahead? Is it correct to repeat it? “Ceferin wondered.

In this sense, the top leader of UEFA said that “there are many things to discuss” to achieve a unified criteria throughout continental football. The VAR helps but it can also harm it, “Ceferin said.