The CAS ruled against Independiente in the case of the claim by Silvio Romero

The Court agreed with América de México, the previous owner of the scorer’s pass, and urged the Avellaneda club to pay off the debt – plus interest – before 2021. In case of not complying, those of Pusineri will not be able to make additions in the next markets. How much should you pay?

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (TAS) ruled against Independiente in the case Silvio Romero, because they did not pay what was agreed to America from Mexico, previous owner of the record of the captain of Rojo. The King of Cups has a limit until the end of 2021 to pay $ 1.5 million to the Aztec team, under himThe threat of not being able to incorporate in the next markets.

Mexicans transferred 70% of the pass from Chino to Avellaneda for 4.2 million dollars in 2018, but Independiente did not disburse what was agreed and The Eagles started a lawsuit before FIFA for non-compliance. The highest soccer body urged Red to comply with the payment, although the leadership appealed to the TAS and the final ruling determined that will have to disburse 1.2 million dollars for the debt, plus 300 thousand of interest.

America also sued the King of Cups for the sale of Cecilio Dominguez, for whom the Aztecs claim money due to the transfer of the Paraguayan to the MLS.

The Devil also He comes from losing a trial in FIFA for the Gastón Silva case: must pay $ 939,346, including salary debts and dismissal without just cause. And there is more, because Torino He also claims 1,800,000 and, in total, the club must pay $ 2,739,346 for the Uruguayan.




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