The short race of the F2 in Sochi, which served as a prologue for the Russian GP Formula 1, it ended abruptly when only 7 laps had been played. The reason was a brutal accident between Jack Aitken, from the Spanish Campos Racing team, and Luca Ghiotto, del Hitech Grand Prix.

Both were going wheel to wheel when they touched lightly, just enough for the Italian to fly off and both finished crashing violently Against the wall. Both left on their own feet, but both cars were embedded in the protections.

The race stopped immediately, while the Russian stewards (not particularly diligent or fast) repaired those barriers, but as they needed more time, the race direction decided that the test was not going to resume. Since only 7 laps had been made, half the points were distributed.

The winner was Guanyu Zhou, thus becoming the first Chinese to win an F2 race, ahead of Nikita mazepin and of Mick Schumacher, which remains leader of the championship.

Aitken explained what happened after the race, and stated that both he and Ghiotto were fine, and that everything was caused by a puncture. “Thanks for all the messages, I’m glad I’m okay after that and I’m glad Luca is too. A little touch between us earlier in the corner gave me a rear puncture, and the car went straight,” he explained.